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List updater[edit]

In subsection A below, listed are articles which are missing from the Index of epistemology articles. They were found by looking in the categories in subsection C. One can add more categories to be searched to subsection C, see some suggestions in subsection D.

All this process can be restarted by clicking on the link at the bottom of subsection E.

Please note that anything around here is editable, but please don't modify the lines of the form

<!-- bottag:X:begin -->

or their order.

A: Articles missing from the Index of epistemology articles[edit]

Abstract and concrete -- And yet it moves -- Argumentum ad lapidem -- Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society -- International Wittgenstein Symposium -- Music, When Soft Voices Die -- Neuroepistemology -- Pramana -- Romanticism and epistemology -- Science In Society -- Theory -- Truth value -- Underworld of philosophy -- Alan Soble -- Alexandre Mercereau -- Alison Jaggar -- Alvin Plantinga -- Angèle Kremer-Marietti -- Antonio Millán-Puelles -- Avrum Stroll -- Barbara Skarga -- Constantin Noica -- D. C. S. Oosthuizen -- Dallas Willard -- Damaris Cudworth Masham -- David Lewis (philosopher) -- David Manley -- Deepak Sarma -- Diderik Batens -- Eddy Zemach -- Everett Hall -- F. C. S. Schiller -- Francisco Suárez -- François Dosse -- Freya Mathews -- Fuad Gasimzade -- Gilbert Simondon -- Gilles-Gaston Granger -- Gloria Origgi -- Gregory Chaitin -- Henri Bergson -- Jacques Bouveresse -- Jacques Maritain -- James Hall (philosopher) -- Jason Stanley -- John Hawthorne -- Joseph Kaipayil -- Juan José Sebreli -- Jürgen Habermas -- Karen Barad -- Keith DeRose -- Ledger Wood -- Leo Strauss -- Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski -- Lorraine Code -- Louis Rougier -- Ludwig Wittgenstein -- Léon Brunschvicg -- Mark Sacks -- Matthew W. McKeon -- Michael Devitt -- Michael Williams (philosopher) -- Michel Foucault -- Mohsen Ghanebasiri -- Monique Canto-Sperber -- Mozi -- Nancy Hartsock -- Nicholas Wolterstorff -- Nicla Vassallo -- Oliver Lis -- Paul Valéry -- Peter Lipton -- Peter Ludlow -- Reinhardt Grossmann -- René Descartes -- Richard Aaron -- Robert F. Almeder -- Sharyn Clough -- Sidney Morgenbesser -- Stephen Stich -- Susanna Schellenberg -- Tamar Gendler -- Walter Sinnott-Armstrong -- Willard Van Orman Quine -- William James -- Wolfgang Spohn -- Émile Meyerson -- Centered world -- Eschatological verification -- Exploratory thought -- Here is one hand -- Intelligibility (philosophy) -- Planck's principle -- Skeptical regress -- Causal theory of knowledge -- Egocentric presentism -- Perspectival realism -- Reductionism -- Epistemology of the Closet -- Essays on Truth and Reality -- Foundations of the Science of Knowledge -- Philosophical Explanations -- That Nothing Is Known -- The Black Swan (2007 book) -- The Degrees of Knowledge -- The Philosophy of 'As If' -- The Varieties of Religious Experience -- Scientific evidence -- An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth -- Truth-apt -- Bold hypothesis -- Confirmation holism -- Decision theory -- Enactivism (psychology) -- Explanation -- Idealization -- Instrumentalism -- Michael C. Rea -- Operationalization -- Preternatural -- Scientific modelling -- Scientific theory -- Sense data -- The Logic of Modern Physics -- Uniformitarianism -- Belief revision -- Causal model -- Common knowledge (logic) -- Epistemic modal logic -- Non-monotonic logic -- Probabilistic logic -- Argumentation theory -- Cognitive authority -- Collective mental state -- Common knowledge -- Discursive dilemma -- Douglas Waples -- Epistemology of Wikipedia -- Jesse Shera -- Science, technology and society -- Social choice theory -- Suzanne Briet -- Trust (social sciences) -- Experience machine --

B: Place here articles not wanted either in the Index of epistemology articles or in subsection A.[edit]

Noetic theory

C: Categories to be searched[edit]

The bot will look for potential additions to the Index of epistemology articles in this list of categories. You may add any other categories to this list, for example from subsection D below. Use the format [[:Category:XXX]] (the colon (:) shows up twice!).

Category:Epistemology Category:Epistemologists Category:Concepts in epistemology Category:Epistemological theories Category:Epistemology literature Category:Sources of knowledge Category:Theories of truth Category:Epistemology of science -- Category:Formal epistemology -- Category:Social epistemology -- Category:Internalism and externalism --

D: Potential searchable categories[edit]

Move up to subsection C any categories which the bot should search for missing articles in the Index of epistemology articles.

Category:Ambiguity -- Category:Cognition -- Category:Doubt -- Category:Encyclopedism -- Category:Epistemology of religion -- Category:Epistemology portal -- Category:Epistemology stubs -- Category:History of science -- Category:Origins -- Category:Philosophy of science -- Category:Wikipedia books on epistemology -- Category:Leo Strauss -- Category:Philosophers of science -- Category:Vienna Circle -- Category:Belief -- Category:Evidence -- Category:Ignorance -- Category:Inductive reasoning -- Category:Justification -- Category:Knowledge -- Category:Perception -- Category:Razors (philosophy) -- Category:Truth -- Category:Agnosticism -- Category:Coherentism -- Category:Constructivism -- Category:Dogmatism -- Category:Empiricism -- Category:Foundationalism -- Category:Idealism -- Category:Positivism -- Category:Rationalism -- Category:Realism -- Category:Skepticism -- Category:A priori -- Category:Memory -- Category:Observation -- Category:Reasoning -- Category:Testimony -- Category:Divine command theory -- Category:Decision theory -- Category:Reductionism -- Category:Scientific laws -- Category:Scientific modeling -- Category:Scientific observation -- Category:Scientific skepticism -- Category:Scientific theories -- Category:Belief revision -- Category:Causal inference -- Category:Scientific method -- Category:Accountability -- Category:Feminist philosophy -- Category:Social choice theory -- Category:Social constructionism -- Category:Sociology of knowledge -- Category:Sociology of science --

E: Articles in Index of epistemology articles not in categories[edit]

May be redirects or articles which should be removed/categorized.

Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies -- Autoepistemic logic -- Eyewitness testimony -- Empirical method -- Scottish Common Sense Realism -- Greek language -- Unknown known -- Pramāṇa -- Verification theory -- Religious epistemology -- Dogma -- Pseudointellectual -- Causal Theory of Knowing -- Philosophy -- Deductive closure -- Everett W. Hall -- Here is a hand -- Brute fact -- Bertrand Russell's views on philosophy -- Faith and rationality -- Evolutionary argument against naturalism -- Postmodern philosophy -- The Black Swan (Taleb book) --

Removed Entries[edit]

- Rieko was removed in that there was no correlation found in the article that had any relationship whatsoever to epistemological concepts. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:58, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

- - Tennyson Samraj was removed in that there was no Wikipedia page associated with this individual, and upon brief inspection, nothing notable to create a page for.

What is the point of this article?[edit]

Wikipedia already has an method for categorizing articles and automatically creating indexes to such articles: see Wikipedia:Categorization.

Instead of keeping this index article up-to-date, all one has to do is add


to the end of all epistomological articles, and viola, that article will soon be automatically indexed in the automatically created article Category:Epistemology. Teemu Leisti (talk) 17:47, 5 August 2011 (UTC)