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Others associated with creation of Trump University[edit]

There are two other names who are associated with the creation of Trump Universty. Jonathan Spitalny was given a lot of praise by Trump for the university creation, yet has received little mention. The New York Post covered his connection;

Extended content

"When Donald Trump unveiled his plans for Trump University,he did something that The Donald seldom does – he showered praise for the venture on a little-known advisor,Jonathan Spitalny. The low-key Spitalny,a senior managing director at Bear Stearns,counts two billionaires among his client list – Trump and the 85-year-old liquor baron Sidney Frank. If you ask The Donald or Frank about Spitalny,the talk turns not to hedge funds or investments but first and foremost to golf.”He ‘s a great athlete and a good golfer,he ‘s almost as good a golfer as me,” said Trump. Michael Sexton,the president of Trump U.,is a little more specific:”He ‘s a relationship builder and very, very good at it,” said Sexton.And he says that Spitalny “was really instrumental in engineering the deal and creating Trump University.” Frank is the man who created a liquor empire and recently sold Grey Goose to Bacardi for $2.4 billion.Spitalny was a family friend who at first took advice from Frank on everything from golf to his career. “I knew his parents,and I ‘ve been advising him on golf since he was 7 years old,” said Frank.Today,it ‘s payback time. When pressed,Frank concedes that Spitalny is personally handling $20 million in investments and advising on many other deals.”I think he ‘s good at picking stocks,” said Frank. “Bear Stearns brings me a lot of ideas,and most of them come through Jon,” he said. While Frank doesn ‘t take all of his suggestions – he rejected one of Spitalny ‘s ideas to buy a beer company – he has followed up on some high-profile investment concepts,such as getting into the publishing business. While reading the Robb Report recently,Frank wondered whether there was a way to do something in upscale travel magazines,using lists and shorter articles.And early this year,with Spitalny as a trusted adviser,Frank began starting a mini-magazine empire by buying two travel magazines: Travel Savvy,purchased for $800,000,and Business Traveler,purchased for $500,000. Steve Schragis,now the publishing director at Frank Media, recalled when he was running programming for The Learning Annex and Trump was speaking to a sellout crowd.When the limo pulled up outside,one of the people who jumped out of the back was Spitalny. While Trump spoke,Spitalny outlined Frank ‘s magazine plans to Schragis,a one-time owner of Spy magazine in the 80s and mid-90s who had recently tried to buy New York magazine. Within weeks,Schragis was on board at Frank Media.Of course,Spitalny himself,in keeping with the low-key image mandated by Bear Stearns,declined to be inter-viewed on his secret for success.But,in addition to his financial savvy – and relationship building on the links – he alsotakes time to enjoy the riches of his success. Last Thursday,he celebrated his 40th birthday at L ‘Escale, the posh dining establishment on Long Island Sound in Greenwich,Conn.Among the revelers was Ahmad Rashad, the sportscaster and Michael Jordan pal who was once a star wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. [1]

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I deleted a sentence from "New York v. Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC"[edit]

I took this sentence out:

"A "former 16-year Counsel and Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Education Department (SED)" stated in "an affidavit in support of Trump" that she could not remember "a single instance during [her] 16-year tenure as General Counsel" in which anyone "was fined, asked to pay restitution to students or assessed a civil penalty for identifying itself as a 'university.'"[22]"

The subject of the Wikipedia paragraph is that the initial letter was sent in 2005, but the 2013 Lord piece—not a news article but an attack editorial which is somewhat famous, or infamous, for having first brought Jeffrey Lord to Trump's attention—indicates that this affidavit was filed with Trump's 2013 complaint, 8 years later. The editorial is the only source for these quotes on the Internet that I could find. It would be a frivolous addition anyway, of a statement that, outside of any context, certainly seems disingenuous. And the sentence is ungrammatical in both the source and the Wiki article. So, I took this sentence out. Fishlandia (talk) 13:18, 23 October 2017 (UTC)

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