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Article in need of correction[edit]

Article relies heavily on unreliable secondary sources and has many errors.

For example:

Article asserts: "In 1851 Woodbury who had already become a professional photographer, went to Australia." False: He was not then a professional photographer but an apprentice to an engineer and went to Australia in 1852, not 1851.

Article asserts: "He photographed the construction of ducts and waterworks." False: Walter was employed as a draughtsman and no photographs of ducts etc are known.

Article asserts: "Woodbury produced books of photographs documenting London's poor." False: The book refered to is John Tomson's Street Life in London (1877). It was illustrated with Woodburytypes but Walter did not take the photographs and had nothing to do with the authorship.

Asd154 (talk) 01:23, 9 October 2009 (UTC)