Tanaka Station

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Tanaka Station
Shinano railway Tanaka station.jpg
Tanaka Station in November 2006
Location 279 Tanaka, Tōmi-shi, Nagano-ken 389-0516
Coordinates 36°21′14″N 138°19′44″E / 36.3540°N 138.3289°E / 36.3540; 138.3289
Elevation 512 m[citation needed]
Operated by Shinano Railway Symbolmark.svg Shinano Railway
Line(s) Shinano Railway Line
Distance 31.3 km from Karuizawa
Platforms 1 side + 1 island platforms
Tracks 3
Other information
Website Official website
Opened 1 December 1888
Passengers (FY2011) 2,446 daily
Tanaka Station is located in Japan
Tanaka Station
Tanaka Station
Location within Japan

Tanaka Station (田中駅?, Tanaka-eki) is a railway station on the Shinano Railway Line in Tōmi, Nagano, Japan, operated by the third-sector railway operating company Shinano Railway.


Tanaka Station is served by the 65.1 km Shinano Railway Line and is 31.3 kilometers from the starting point of the line at Karuizawa Station.[1]

Station layout[edit]

The station consists of one ground-level side platform and ne ground-level island platform serving three tracks, connected to the station building by a footbridge.


1  Shinano Railway Line for Komoro and Karuizawa
2  Shinano Railway Line
3  Shinano Railway Line for Ueda, Shinonoi, and Nagano

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Shinano Railway Line
Shigeno   Local   Ōya


The station opened on 1 December 1888.[1]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2011, the station was used by an average of 2,446 passengers daily.[1]

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