Ueda Station (Nagano)

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Ueda Station

Ueda Station Onsen entrance in 2012
Location1-1887 Tenjin, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken 386-0025
Coordinates36°23′47″N 138°14′59″E / 36.396501°N 138.249764°E / 36.396501; 138.249764
Elevation446 meters [1]
Operated by
Platforms4 side + 1 island platforms
ConnectionsBus stop
Other information
StatusStaffed (Midori no Madoguchi )
Station codeBE01
Opened15 August 1888
Passengers (FY2015)2,860 daily (JR East)
Ueda Station is located in Nagano Prefecture
Ueda Station
Ueda Station
Location within Nagano Prefecture
Ueda Station is located in Japan
Ueda Station
Ueda Station
Ueda Station (Japan)

Ueda Station (上田駅, Ueda-eki) is a railway station in the city of Ueda, Nagano, Japan, jointly operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), the third-sector operator Shinano Railway, and the private railway operator Ueda Electric Railway.


Ueda Station is served by the following lines.

Station layout[edit]

JR East platforms[edit]

The JR East station has two elevated opposed side platforms serving two tracks with the station building located underneath. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.[2]

1  Hokuriku Shinkansen for Takasaki, Ōmiya, and Tokyo
2  Hokuriku Shinkansen for Nagano

Shinano Railway platforms[edit]

The Shinano Railway station has one ground-level side platform and one ground-level island platform serving a total of three tracks.

1  Shinano Railway Line for Komoro and Karuizawa
2  Shinano Railway Line for Togura, Shinonoi, and Nagano
3  Shinano Railway Line for Togura, Shinonoi, and Nagano

Ueda Electric Railway platform[edit]

The Ueda Electric Railway station has one ground-level dead-headed side platform serving a single bi-directional track.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Hokuriku Shinkansen
Kagayaki: Does not stop at this station
Sakudaira or
Karuizawa or
  Hakutaka   Nagano
Sakudaira   Asama   Nagano
Shinano Railway Line
Shinano-Kokubunji Nishi-Ueda
Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line
Terminus Shiroshita


The station first opened on 15 August 1888.[3] Local JR East trains services were transferred to the control of the Shinano Railway from 1 October 1997 with the opening of the Nagano Shinkansen.[2] The Ueda Electric Railway station opened on 15 August 1924.[3]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2015, the JR East portion of the station was used by an average of 2,860 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[4]

Surrounding area[edit]

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