Yokokawa Station

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Yokokawa Station

Yokokawa Station in May 2009
Location398 Matsuida-machi Yokogawa, Annaka, Gunma
Operated byJR East
Line(s)Shinetsu Main Line
Passengers (FY2008[1])313 daily

Yokokawa Station (横川駅, Yokokawa-eki) is a railway station on the Shinetsu Main Line in Annaka, Gunma, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).


Yokokawa Station is a terminal station for its segment of the Shinetsu Main Line, and is located 29.7 kilometers from the starting point of the line at Takasaki.

Station layout[edit]

Yokogawa Station has a two opposed side platforms connected to the station building by a footbridge. There is a third track in the middle for through traffic.


1/3  Shinetsu Main Line for Takasaki

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Shinetsu Main Line
Nishi-Matsuida - Terminus


Yokokawa Station opened on October 15, 1885 as the terminus of the governmental railway between Takasaki and Yokokawa. The station became an intermediate station of the railway connecting Takasaki and Niigata (later named the Shinetsu Main Line) when the Usui Pass section of the railway, connecting Yokokawa and Karuizawa, opened on April 1, 1893.[2]

The Usui Pass section of the railway closed on October 1, 1997. Yokokawa Station has been the terminus of the line since then.[2]

The former Yokokawa locomotive depot for bank engines used on the Usui Pass was transformed into the Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park, which exhibits the bank engines (JNR Class EF63 electric locomotives) and other rolling stock.

Surrounding area[edit]


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Coordinates: 36°20′10″N 138°44′13″E / 36.33611°N 138.73694°E / 36.33611; 138.73694