Tanga Islands

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Tanga Islands
Tanga Islands is located in Papua New Guinea
Tanga Islands
Tanga Islands
Papua New Guinea
Prominence 472 m (1,549 ft)
Coordinates 3°30′S 153°13′E / 3.500°S 153.217°E / -3.500; 153.217Coordinates: 3°30′S 153°13′E / 3.500°S 153.217°E / -3.500; 153.217
Type Stratovolcano with caldera
Last eruption Pleistocene

The Tanga Islands are an island group in Papua New Guinea, located northeast of New Ireland and part of the Bismarck Archipelago. The islands are the remnants of a stratovolcano which collapsed to form a caldera. Lif (283 m), Tefa (155 m), and Malendok (472 m) islands are on the caldera rim, while Bitlik and Bitbok islands are lava domes constructed near the center of the caldera.

Former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Julius Chan is a native of the Tanga Islands.


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