Tel Anafa

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Tel Anafa
תל אנפה
Tel Anaffa1.jpg
Tel Anafa, from the south
Tel Anafa is located in Israel
Tel Anafa
Shown within Israel
Coordinates33°10′38″N 35°38′41″E / 33.177164°N 35.644694°E / 33.177164; 35.644694
Area11 dunams
PeriodsEarly Bronze Age - Hellenistic period

Tel Anafa (Hebrew: תל אנפה‎, lit. "Egret hill" Arabic: تل الأخضر‎, translit. Tel el-Hader, lit. "The green hill") is an archaeological site and nature reserve in the Upper Galilee, Israel.[1]


Tel Anafa was inhabited from the Early Bronze Age through the early Roman period, but most of the significant archaeological remains are from the Hellenistic period.[2][3]

In the late Hellenistic period, 125-80 BCE, the site was occupied by a large building with a central courtyard. The site was abandoned after 80 BCE and resettled in the last decade of the century. This early Roman phase continued until the mid 1st century CE when the site was abandoned once again. Coins and amphora handles from the late 4th to the 2nd century were unearthed.[4]

The land on which it is situated has since 1984 been part of an 11-dunam nature reserve.[5]

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