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How to manage this template's initial visibility
To manage this template's visibility when it first appears, add the parameter:

|state=collapsed to show the template in its collapsed state, i.e. hidden apart from its titlebar – e.g. {{Assyrian communities |state=collapsed}}
|state=expanded to show the template in its expanded state, i.e. fully visible – e.g. {{Assyrian communities |state=expanded}}
|state=autocollapse to show the template in its collapsed state but only if there is another template of the same type on the page – e.g. {{Assyrian communities |state=autocollapse}}

Unless set otherwise (see the |state= parameter in the template's code), the template's default state is autocollapse.


  • Population: The total Assyrian, including the Diaspora, is estimated at 3.3 million, with the majority living in the former Mesopotamia. Outside of the Middle East, approximately 93,000 live in Europe, 300,000 in the United States and Canada, 64,000 in Armenia, Georgia and Russia, 33,000 in Australia and New Zealand and 150,000 in other countries. unpo.org (1999)
  • 1.8 million (1.4 million in Mesopotamia, 400,000 diaspora) i-cias.com (1996?)
  • the 2000 US census reports 82,355 "Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac" [1]
  • the 2001 Canada census reports 6,980 (4,570 single-response) Assyrians [2]