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This is a list of Assyrian populations by country according to official and estimated numbers.

Rank Country or territory Centres of Assyrian population Official data Estimation(s) Article
 Iraq 1,500,000[1] Assyrians in Iraq
 Syria 877,000-1,200,000 [2][3] Assyrians in Syria
 United States Detroit, San Diego, Chicago metro areas 96,847 (2009 survey)[4] 400,000[1] Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Americans
 Russia Krasnodar Krai, Moscow, Rostov Oblast 13,649 (2002 census)[5] 70,000[1] Assyrians in Russia
 Australia Sydney and Melbourne 30,631 (2011 census)[6] Assyrians in Australia
 Canada Toronto, London 8,650 (2006 census)[7] 38,000[8] Assyrians in Canada
 Iran Tehran, West Azerbaijan Province 50,000[9] Assyrians in Iran
 Turkey 22,000[10] Assyrians in Turkey
 Armenia Yerevan, Ararat Province, Kotayk Province 3,409 (2001 census)[11] Assyrians in Armenia
 Georgia Tbilisi, Gardabani 3,299 (2002 census)[12] Assyrians in Georgia

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