The Family Guy 100th Episode Special

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"The Family Guy 100th Episode Special"
Family Guy episode
Production code 6ACX45[1]
Original air date November 4, 2007
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"The Family Guy 100th Episode Special" is a special episode from the sixth season of Family Guy. The episode aired on November 4, 2007, and was followed by the actual 100th episode, "Stewie Kills Lois". It was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, who presented the funniest clips of all 99 previous episodes. This is also the only episode to credit Lacey Chabert, Meg's voice artist in the first production season, who was not credited in earlier episodes due to a contractual agreement.


The show features MacFarlane interviewing people who did not approve of Family Guy's content, with the running joke being they did not know they were talking to the creator of the show. MacFarlane also references the show's previous cancellation at the end of the special, when he toasts to the next 100 episodes and says, "Here's to the next 100... and hopefully we won't get cancelled for two and a half f--king years in the middle again!".[2][3][4][5]

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