The Fuller Memorandum

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The Fuller Memorandum
Author Charles Stross
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Ace
Publication date
July 2010
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 312 pp
ISBN 0-441-01867-X
Preceded by The Jennifer Morgue
Followed by The Apocalypse Codex

The Fuller Memorandum is the third novel by Charles Stross in his "Laundry" series of Lovecraftian spy thrillers. The previous novels in the series were The Atrocity Archives (2004) and The Jennifer Morgue (2006). In all three novels the protagonist is Bob Howard, an agent for the intelligence agency known as the Laundry.

Where The Atrocity Archives was written in the idiom of Len Deighton and The Jennifer Morgue was a pastiche of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, The Fuller Memorandum is a homage of sorts to Anthony Price's Dr David Audley/Colonel Jack Butler series of spy thrillers, and features two minor characters named Roskill and Panin, names which appeared as recurring characters in Price's series. The title is derived from General J. F. C. Fuller, military theorist, right-wing intellectual occultist, and an associate of Aleister Crowley.

The plot of the book revolves around an eponymous document which describes a supernatural entity, the Eater of Souls. When the document and Bob's boss go missing, Bob must locate them before they are used to bring about the return of the Great Old Ones. A large part of the book revolves around the supernatural properties of the London Necropolis Railway.

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