The Hero's Return

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"The Hero's Return"
The Hero's Return (Parts 1 and 2) Pink Floyd.jpg
"The Hero's Return (Parts 1 and 2)" on vinyl
Song by Pink Floyd from the album The Final Cut
Published Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd
Released 21 March 1983 (UK)
2 April 1983 (US)
Recorded July–December 1982
Genre Progressive rock
Length 2:56
4:02 ("Not Now John" single)
Label Harvest Records (UK)
Capitol Records (US)
Writer(s) Roger Waters
Producer(s) Roger Waters
James Guthrie
Michael Kamen

"The Hero's Return" is a song by Pink Floyd from their 1983 album, The Final Cut.[1][2]

The song was one of the tracks included on The Final Cut that had been previously rejected from their previous album, The Wall (Then titled "Teacher, Teacher"). Guitarist David Gilmour was opposed to this recycling of songs, believing that if they "weren't good enough for The Wall, why are they good enough now?"[3]

Like many other tracks on The Final Cut, "The Hero's Return" featured anti-war lyrics. The lyrics of "The Hero's Return" are almost entirely rewritten from its "Teacher, Teacher" demo version.

"The Hero's Return", featuring an extra verse that was not on the album version, was re-titled "The Hero's Return (Parts 1 and 2)" to be released as the B-side of "Not Now John", also from The Final Cut, in 1983. Also, despite not being released as an A-side to a single, "The Hero's Return" charted at #31 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in America.[4]




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