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The Magic Encyclopedia
TSR9293 The Magic Encyclopedia Vol 1.jpg
Genre Role-playing games
Publisher TSR
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The Magic Encyclopedia, Volume One and Volume Two are two accessories for Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in 1992. It was compiled for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd edition.


The Magic Encyclopedia is a two-volume product, an index of virtually every magical item from virtually every TSR rulebook, accessory, and magazine, listing roughly 5,500 magic items spread out over the two volumes in the series.[1] The book alphabetizes the items into general categories, listing their experience point values, costs, and original appearances; also included is a complete list of TSR's role-playing products published from 1974 up to that time.[1]

Volume One contains items from A-G.[1] Volume Two contains items from H-Z.

Publication history[edit]

Magic Encyclopedia, Volume One was by Connie Rae Henson and Dale "Sladey" Henson, and published by TSR, Inc.[1]


Rick Swan reviewed Magic Encyclopedia, Volume One for Dragon magazine #190 (February 1993).[1] Swan considered The Magic Encyclopdia "a product that's long overdue", calling it "quite a collection".[1] He considered that the complete list of TSR's role-playing products "may be worth the price of admission to hardcore collectors".[1] However, he noted that "Since no descriptions are provided for individual items, the Magic Encyclopedia is less useful to new players than to old-timers who have access to a sizeable TSR library. Only the marketing department knows why it was necessary to publish this in two volumes", concluding that players would be unlikely to just want the items from one part of the alphabet.[1]


  • White Wolf #36, 40


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