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The Matrix
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 27, 2009 (Unofficial)
GenreEuropop, pop rock, dance-pop[1]
LabelLet's Hear It
ProducerThe Matrix
The Matrix chronology
The Matrix

The Matrix is the self-titled debut album by the production group The Matrix, released unofficially in the iTunes Store on January 27, 2009 through iTunes[2] as well as on audio CD. The album featured music written and produced by the group with vocals by Katy Perry and British singer Adam Longlands.

Album information[edit]

The album was recorded in 2004, when Katy Perry was 20 years old.[3] In the October 2004 issue of Blender, they named Perry "The Next Big Thing!"[4] The Matrix worked with the vocalist who contributed to the writing of the music and the lyrics for the songs. Despite the buzz about the album, The Matrix decided to cancel the album weeks before the album's due date. "Broken" was set to be its first single.[5] In 2009, after the success of Perry's debut solo album One of the Boys, The Matrix's label decided to release the album under the record label, Let's Hear It Records.

With lyrical differences, "Broken" had previously been recorded in 2003, under the title "What Do You Do?", by Matrix produced sister act, The Troys. It was released in 2003 on Elektra as a promo single for an album that was eventually shelved, but was also included in the compilation album, The Powerpuff Girls: Power Pop. Sara Paxton recorded "Take a Walk" in 2005 for the Darcy's Wild Life soundtrack. In 2006, "Live Before I Die", appeared on a bonus track version of Ashley Parker Angel's debut album Soundtrack to Your Life. Ashley re-wrote the majority of the song. In 2007, a song from Skye Sweetnam's Sound Soldier album, titled "Boyhunter", which was produced by The Matrix surfaced. The song uses a slightly altered version of the music from the track "Damn". Ashley Tisdale re-recorded "Love Is a Train" for her second album, Guilty Pleasure, which was released as "Time's Up", a bonus track on the album.

Track listing[edit]

1."You Miss Me"Katy Perry, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock, Adam LonglandsPerry, Longlands3:44
2."Broken"Christy, Edwards, Spock, Anna Troy, Lindsey TroyPerry, Longlands3:14
3."Damn"Perry, Christy, Edwards, Spock, LonglandsPerry3:27
4."Take a Walk"Christy, Edwards, Spock, LonglandsLonglands, Perry3:12
5."Just a Song"Perry, Christy, Edwards, SpockPerry4:04
6."I Love You"Christy, Edwards, SpockLonglands3:29
7."Live Before I Die"Christy, Edwards, Spock, David CampbellLonglands3:51
8."Would You Care"Christy, Edwards, SpockPerry3:22
9."Seen That Done That"Christy, Edwards, SpockLonglands, Perry3:44
10."Stay With Me"Christy, Edwards, SpockLonglands, Perry3:48
Total length:36:00

Other recorded tracks[6]

  • "Attention"
  • "Experiment" (Perry, Christy, Edwards, Spock)
  • "Love Is a Train" (Perry, Christy, Edwards, Spock)


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