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The Seven Last Words of Christ refers to the seven short phrases uttered by Jesus on the cross, as gathered from the four Christian Gospels. The Crucifixion of Jesus has served as inspiration to a great many visual artists and composers over the centuries. In particular, at least 16 composers have written musical settings of the Seven Last Words, for various combinations of voice and/or instruments.[1]

The best known of these settings is probably the instrumental setting by Joseph Haydn (see below), who produced two different arrangements of his own work—one of them for choir—and approved a third.

Chronological list of settings[edit]

Early Latin motet settings of the ultima septem verba can be found from 1500.[2][3]

16th century[edit]

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

19th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

  • Benedikt Burghardt The 7 Last Words for mixed choir, 2 violins, violoncello, double bass and organ (2004)
  • Benjamin Cornelius-Bates The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross for SATB choir, baritone soloist, organ, string quartet and trumpet (2009)
  • Jerome Malek: Seven Last Words, cantata for choir, five soloists and orchestra (2010)
  • Tristan Murail: Les Sept Paroles for orchestra, chorus and electronics (2010)
  • Gareth Wilson: Logos for unaccompanied choir (2010)
  • Daan Manneke: The Seven Last Words Oratorio for chamber choir (2011)
  • Daniel Elder Seven Last Words from the Cross for unaccompanied choir (2012)
  • Fabrizio Bastianini Sette parole for SATB choir, mezzo-soprano, tenore, baritone and strings (2013)
  • Paul Carr Seven Last Words from the Cross for soloist, choir and orchestra (2013)[8]
  • Stephen DeCesare The Seven Last Words of Christ for SATB choir, Solo (either male or female), Tenor Solo, Strings, Oboe, French Horn, Piano and Organ (2015)

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