The Sugi Tap

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The Sugi Tap
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, power pop
Years active 2005–2007
Associated acts Eve 6, Brotherhood of Lost Dogs
Members Max Collins, Tony Fagenson

The Sugi Tap (pronounced sue-gee tap) was an alternative rock/power pop band formed in May 2005. "Sugi Tap" is taken from the Japanese comic Battle Royale.[1] The band primarily played in Southern California venues, with the slightly altered Eve 6 line-up of Max on lead vocals and guitar, and Tony on drums, accompanied by backing musical tracks, with very sparse electronic elements.



Max Collins and Tony Fagenson were previously in a popular band with Jon Siebels called Eve 6. For nearly a year after the announcement that the two were working together, no news was heard. In late-spring/early-summer of 2006, the first update was given to the old Eve 6 community, and the first dates for shows posted.

Don Gilmore (the producer of Eve 6's first two albums) is involved with the group, albeit from "afar." The band has around 15 recorded demos, of varying quality.

On December 14, 2006, the Sugi Tap announced that their upcoming EP will contain five tracks and was to be released in February 2007.

After a few delays, the EP was released digitally on March 21, 2007, containing slightly reworked versions of the streamed online versions, with a new song titled "Red & Black". This was their only official release.

On October 6, 2007, Max and Tony said that they were resuming work under the name Eve 6, and that The Sugi Tap was now "paused indefinitely".

MySpace involvement[edit]

Since the Summer of 2006, the Sugi Tap had been more involved with the popular networking site MySpace, promising the release of some demos the band had recorded as soon as the Sugi Tap hit the 1,000 friends mark. This was accomplished quickly and the songs "Pick up the Pieces" and "Mr. Bones" were made public. "Mr. Bones" is a reworked song from Max's short-lived solo project, Brotherhood of Lost Dogs. "Familiar Face" and "Victoria;" two other Brotherhood of Lost Dogs songs were confirmed as Sugi Tap songs, though the demos of these two songs have not been made available. A blog entry on the band's MySpace shortly after the release promised another song to be posted when their friends count hit 3,000. This was also accomplished and they then released "Good Associate". Originally slated to be released once the Sugi Tap's friends counter hit 7373, "Little Tiny Everything" was made available prior to that mark. However, once this song was released, the songs were changed to stream only, with downloading being disabled. The reason given by the band is that the downloads should be viewed as a gift for early supporters of the band.


The Sugi Tap initially announced that they would release a 5-track EP in February 2007 exclusively to the Myspace music store. A CD version was planned for release later that year which never eventuated. The EP was released on March 21, 2007. It was available for purchase through their Myspace via the Snocap music service. Their official website currently states "The Sugi Tap EP is no longer available for purchase. It may resurface at an undetermined point in the future."

The Sugi Tap EP (3/21/07)[edit]

1. Mr. Bones
2. Little Tiny Everything
3. Pick Up the Pieces
4. Red & Black
5. B.O.L.D.
6. Good Associate
7. Peace of Mind*
8. Pastoral Life*
(Tracks 7 & 8 were released in studio quality post-EP release from studio sessions).

Other songs[edit]

While Tony has stated that there were roughly 15 songs. 6 for the initial EP, then 2 post-initial release. The following have been mentioned or played live.
- Brotherhood of Lost Dogs[citation needed]
- Familiar Face
- Victoria
- A Different Feeling
- Can of Worms II

Max has also remarked that the original "Can of Worms" (a Brotherhood of Lost Dogs song) would "probably" become a Sugi Tap song[citation needed]. This later became the Eve 6 track B.F.G.F.
Note: Familiar Face was available as a live recording with Max's previous band, Brotherhood of Lost Dogs.


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