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The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre is an activity centre formed as a union between the municipalities of Parkland County, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located in the west end of Spruce Grove. The Centre opened to the public on June 29, 2002. It is a compeitior to the Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, and the Servus Place in St. Albert.

It features:

  • two NHL sized hockey rinks
  • leisure ice for spontaneous use
  • an aquatic centre that hosts a 25 meter pool with 10 lanes
  • leisure pool with play structure
  • water slide
  • hot tub
  • steam room
  • gymnasium with hardwood floor
  • two soccer pitches; one hosts field house flooring for court activities
  • indoor fitness track
  • fitness centre with state-of-the-art training equipment
  • two fitness studios
  • children's play centre
  • meeting rooms


In Parkland County, the construction of the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre was met with some controversy, especially in the western-most parts of division 6. Too many residents of this division the centre was seen as another example of county initiatives and by-laws that favoured the eastern sub-divisions over the western rural residents. The proximity to Edmonton means that for most of the county's western residents it is only marginally more convenient to use the facility than one in Edmonton. Another controversial issue is the cost of construction. Due to the initial lack of use, fees to use the facilities are higher than other ones (such as those in Edmonton), in order to pay for the construction costs. This has also led to numerous complaints on the part of Parkland County residents.

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