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Armed Forces of Transnistria
Вооружённые силы Приднестровской Молдавской Республики
Emblem of the armed forces of Transnistria.svg
Transnistria Armed Forces emblem
Founded 6 September 1991
Service branches Ground Forces, Air Force
Headquarters Tiraspol
Minister of Defense Alexander Lukyanenko
Active personnel 7,500
Reserve personnel 80,000[1]
Foreign suppliers  Russia
Defence force personnel
Minister of Defense Alexander Lukyanenko

The Armed Forces of Transnistria are the military forces of the unrecognised state of Transnistria. The Armed Forces were created on 6 September 1991 to protect the sovereignty and independence of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, in accordance with Article 11 of the Republic's Constitution.

The armed forces are composed of 4,500 to 7,500 soldiers, divided into four motorized infantry brigades in Tiraspol, Bender, Rîbniţa, and Dubăsari (further 15,000-25,000 can be mobilised).[1][2]



Small Arms[edit]


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo
T-72 Main battle tank ~20  Soviet Union
T-64BV Main battle tank ~18  Soviet Union Парад 2 сентября 2010 года танк №114.jpg
T-55 Main battle tank ~35  Soviet Union
BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle 30  Soviet Union Парад 2 сентября 2010 года 102
BTR-70 Armoured personnel carrier 75  Soviet Union BTR70 002.jpg
BTR-60 Armoured personnel carrier 40  Soviet Union BTR-60PB DA-ST-89-06597.jpg
BRDM-2 Armoured personnel carrier  Soviet Union BRDM 2 TBiU 24 2.jpg
MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier  Soviet Union Medic MT-LB - TankBiathlon2013-36.jpg
BM-21 Grad 122mm Multiple Rocket Launcher 40  Soviet Union Парад 2 сентября 2010 года реактивные системы залпового огня.jpg

Air Force[edit]

Transnistria roundel

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