Treasure Island Music Festival

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Treasure Island Music Festival
Dr Dog Treasure Island Music Festival.jpg
Genre Electronic music, electronica and hip hop/rap rock and indie rock
Location(s) Treasure Island, California
Years active 2007-present
Official website

Treasure Island Music Festival is an annual two-day music festival that takes place on Treasure Island, California, located in the San Francisco Bay. The festival is produced by Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment (APE).

The first day of the festival consists of electronica and hip hop/rap influenced performers while the second day consists of rock and indie rock influenced performers. Each day the sets are split between two separate, nearby stages, however the performances are staggered such that attendees can listen to every performer. Typically, the northernmost stage is the main stage on which the headliner plays.

Parking on the island is limited and as such, each year the majority of private vehicles are left in the parking lot at AT&T Park or Bill Graham Auditorium, depending on the year, and a shuttle service is provided to the island. The organizers also claim this reduces traffic congestion on the island. The Treasure Island Music Festival has also been noted for its emphasis on reducing carbon emissions: organizers provide zero emission bus services to the island from the city of San Francisco and emphasize the use of composting.[1]

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