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Man dressed as a Turkey takes part in a 10K run on Thanksgiving Day
For the early 20th-century dance step, see turkey trot (dance).

A turkey trot is a fun run or footrace, usually of the long-distance variety, that is held on or around Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Americans anticipate indulgent Thanksgiving feasts and run in turkey trots to burn off calories before the big meal. Turkey trots are also held in the United Kingdom, usually shortly before or after Christmas Day.

In the United States, many courses used for these Thanksgiving events are run at major certified USA Track and Field road race distances between 5,000 and 42,195 meters. Some organizations hold their turkey trots the week prior to Thanksgiving in order to provide festive holiday meals to homeless and low-income families in their community.[vague] Turkey trots range in size from just a few dozen runners to tens of thousands.[citation needed] Most turkey trots benefit local charities. First prize for winning turkey trots is often an actual frozen turkey that the winner can use for his or her family's Thanksgiving feast.

Notable races[edit]

Cuero, Texas, holds a turkey trot every November where hundreds of turkeys parade through the town (1912).

Notable Thanksgiving Day Races include...

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