Twitch – You Are My Toy

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Twitch – You Are My Toy
Twitch - You Are My Toy.jpg
Theatrical poster for Twitch – You Are My Toy (2004)
Directed by Yūji Tajiri[1]
Produced by Nakato Kinukawa
Kazuhito Morita
Kyōichi Masuko
Written by Hideaki Yoshida
Starring Yumeka Sasaki
Music by I am Frogs
Cinematography Masahida Iioka
Edited by Jōji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō Eiga
Release dates
August 27, 2004
Running time
64 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Twitch – You Are My Toy (淫らな唇 痙攣 Midarana Kuchibiru: Keiren?) (lit. Loose Lips: Convulsions) is a 2004 Japanese pink film directed by Yūji Tajiri. It won the Bronze Prize at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.


Minori is a head-strong photographer who is romantically involved with Kushida, her editor. On a photography assignment she gets into an argument with her subject, Ageha, a female erotic manga artist who, like Minori, is 30 and single. Shin'ichi, the journalist on the assignment, receives most of the blame for the failure of the project. Minori sleeps with Shin'ichi, then discovers that her own position is not as secure as she thought, when she suspects that Kushida is also involved with Ageha. The series of events causes Minori to reconsider her own lifestyle.[2][3]


  • Yumeka Sasaki (佐々木ユメカ): Minori Kijima (photographer)
  • Atsuya Sanada (真田幹也): Shinichi Kashiyama (journalist)
  • Masahiko Hori (堀正彦): Kushida (editor)
  • Kuni Kitano (北の国): Midori Takano
  • Fuyu Ōba (大葉ふゆ): Ageha Mori
  • Miki Hayashida (はやしだみき): Takako Kushida


The pink film community awarded Twich - You Are My Toy the Bronze Prize for Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix.[4] For her performance in the film, lead actress Yumeka Sasaki was given the Best Actress award along with Yumika Hayashi for her performance in Lunch Box.[2] Cinematographer Masahide Iioka also won the award for best work in his field in a pink film for Twich - You Are My Toy.[4]


Twitch – You Are My Toy in DVD release as Twitch

Twitch – You Are My Toy was released theatrically on August 27, 2004.[5] It was released to home video as Twitch on September 2, 2005.[6][7] The U.S.-based company Pink Eiga has recently released this film with English subtitles, as a digital-only release.[3]





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