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Tyskie Gronie
Type Beer
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1629
Alcohol by volume 5.6 %
Style Pale lager
Website www.tyskie.pl

Tyskie /ˈtɪskjə/ (Polish pronunciation: [ˈtɨskʲɛ]) is one of the best selling brands of beer in Poland, with around 18% of the Polish market. Tyskie distributes its beer worldwide, and in 2010 and again in 2012 was the most served and bought beer in Europe[citation needed]. Tyskie is produced by Kompania Piwowarska, itself a subsidiary of SABMiller established in Poland in 1999 as a result of the merger of two SABMiller owned Polish breweries, the Lech brewery in Poznań, and the Tyskie Górny Śląsk brewery in Tychy.


The main brands are Tyskie Gronie and Tyskie Książęce.


Beer has been produced in Tychy continuously for almost 400 years. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the brewery, then called "Fürstliche Brauerei in Tichau", produced three kinds of beer: mailings, yeast and tableware. Only the high quality beer was intended for sale, and the other two were a beer allowance drunk mainly by brewers and their families. In the early nineteenth century the brewery produced only two beverages: beer and Bavarian malt, both top-fermenting. Bavarian malt with a classical composition, saturated color was brown, sweet, calorie and low-hopped. The standard favorite was the dark niskoekstraktowe, weak and only for immediate consumption. After the expansion of the brewery in the nineteenth century and the introduction of bottom-fermenting, they started to produce beer in March, called Tyskie lager, a relatively short Bavarian beer. The first beers were light and were sold under the Książęce brand. In the interwar period, popular brands from Tyskie were the Książęce Tyskie Pilsen, the Książęce Tyskie Export, the Książęce Tyskie Beer full, and Tyskie Porter.

Currently, Tyskie is one of the best selling brands of beer in Poland, with around 18% of the Polish market.[1] Tyskie also has a world distribution. The main brands are Tyskie Gronie, a 5.5% pale lager, and Tyskie Książęce, a 5.7% pale lager.[2][3]


Tyskie bottles are known for their distinctive white packaging. The label has a red crown to commemorate the King Sobieski, who was born the same year the Tyskie brewery was founded. Under the crown contains the date 1629, the year the Family von Promnitz opened up a brewery in Tychy.[4]


In 2002, Tyskie Gronie won The Brewing Industry International Awards, receiving the two most prestigious awards - Gold Medal and Grand Prix.

In 2005 in Munich at a global beer fair hosted by Drink Tec, Tyskie again received the Grand Prix.

in 2011 Tyskie received the Gold Medal du Monde Selection – International Institute for Quality Selections

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