United Airlines Trip 34

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United Airlines Trip 34
Accident summary
Date 27 December 1936 (1936-12-27)
Summary Pilot error
Site Rice Canyon, Los Angeles County, California
Passengers 9
Crew 3
Fatalities 12 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Boeing 247D
Operator United Airlines
Registration NC13355
Flight origin San Francisco, California
Destination Los Angeles, California

United Airlines Trip 34 was a scheduled flight departing from San Francisco, California to Los Angeles, California on December 27, 1936. At 7:36 am (Pacific time), the co-pilot requested the UAL localizer beacon at Burbank be turned on. The company radio requested aircraft position, to which the co-pilot replied 'just a minute.' The aircraft crashed at the head of Rice Canyon (near Newhall, California) at 7:38 am, killing all 12 passengers and crew. The probable cause was found to be "...an error on the part of the pilot for attempting to fly through Newhall pass at an altitude lower than the surrounding mountains without first determining by radio the existing weather".


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