University/Parks Trail

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University/Parks Trail
Section of the Trail between Holland-Sylvania Road and McCord Road
Length 6.3 mi (10.1 km)
Location Lucas County, Ohio, USA
Trailheads University of Toledo to Sylvania, Ohio
Use Multi-use
Hiking details
Trail difficulty MUTCD D9-6.svg Wheelchair accessible[1]
Season Year-round
Sights Wildwood Preserve Metropark
Right of way Toledo, Angola and Western Railroad[2][3]

The University/Parks Trail is a rail trail in metropolitan area of Toledo, Ohio, United States. The trail is open to walkers, bikers, joggers and in-line skaters.


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Trail route[edit]

The trail runs over the right-of-way of the late Toledo, Angola and Western Railroad. Starting at the University of Toledo, the trail runs 6.3 miles (10.1 km) to King Road in Sylvania, Ohio. The trail crosses roads six times, twice over rail bridge. The other crosses form intersections, two of which have stop lights. The park has neighborhood access, and has an entrance to Wildwood Preserve Metropark. From King Road, one can travel north to Milton Olander Park and east to Westfield Franklin Park. From the University of Toledo, one can travel northeast to Ottawa Park.


The path the trail follows was originally the tracks of the Toledo, Angola and Western Railroad, laid in 1902.[2][3] When the railroad abandoned their right of way, five public agencies joined together to create the trail. The trail was completed with a $1.3 million federal grant, given through the Ohio Department of Transportation.[4] The trail officially opened to public use in September 1995, although many had been enjoying the paved parts of the path as construction was going on elsewhere on the path.[4]

Involved public agencies[edit]

Trail sign on McCord Road.

Five public agencies were involved in the creation of the trail;[4] they are:

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