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Avignon University
Avignon Université
Former name
Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse
MottoNe pas attendre l'avenir, le faire ensemble.
PresidentPhilippe Ellerkamp
74 rue Louis Pasteur, 84 029 Avignon cedex 1
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43°57′0″N 4°49′5″E / 43.95000°N 4.81806°E / 43.95000; 4.81806Coordinates: 43°57′0″N 4°49′5″E / 43.95000°N 4.81806°E / 43.95000; 4.81806
WebsiteOfficial Site (in French)

The Avignon University (French: Avignon Université) is a French university, based in Avignon (President : Philippe Ellerkamp). It is under the Academy of Aix and Marseille.

It was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, and closed in 1792 during the French Revolution.[1] The University was re-opened as L'Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse in 1984 following the 1963 placement of an annex of Faculté des Sciences d'Aix-Marseille in Avignon.[2]


A legate of the pope created in 1227 a theological education in Avignon. Municipal schools of grammar are attested in 1243. An embryo of medical education exists in 12973.

A school of civil law was created in Avignon, probably in 1263. Charles II, king of Naples and count of Provence, placed his students under his protection and decides, in 1298, that the grades will be conferred by his chancellor. But it does not seem that docendi4 ubic juice is attached to these degrees.

A university was created before 1302, when privileges were granted by Charles II, followed by other privileges granted on May 5, 1303.

Organisation and structure[edit]

  • Geography
  • History
  • Information and Communication
  • Foreign Languages
  • French Literature
  • Languages, Literatures and Foreign Civilizations
  • Computer Sciences
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Sport
  • Economic and Social Administration
  • Law
  • Economy, Management
  • Public Administration

Training and research units[edit]

Avignon University is divided into five components:

On the Hannah Arendt Campus:

   The U.F.R.-ip Humanities and Social Sciences, which consists of the departments of Geography, History and Information and Communication Sciences.

   The U.F.R.-ip Arts, Letters and Languages, which consists of the Departments of Applied Foreign Languages (LEA), Modern Letters and Languages, Literatures and Foreign and Regional Civilizations (LLCER).

   U.F.R.-ip Law, Economics, Management, which consists of the departments of Economic and Social Administration (AES) and Law.

On the Jean-Henri Fabre Campus:

   the UFR-ip Sciences, Technologies, Health, which is composed of the departments of Computer Science, Physics / Chemistry, Life Sciences and Earth, Mathematics / Mathematics, Polytechnic Preparation, and Science and Technology Activities Sports and Physics (STAPS).

   the University Institute of Technology of Avignon (4 departments: Marketing Techniques, Biological Engineering, Packaging and Packaging Engineering and Statistics and Data Processing)


Avignon University has several recognized research laboratories:

   Laboratory physiology of fruits and vegetables - EA 4279

   Pharm Ecology Cardiovascular Laboratory - EA4278

   Mediterranean Institute of Ecology and Paleoecology (IMEP) - UMR CNRS-IRD

   Nonlinear Analysis and Geometry Laboratory - EA 2151

   Laboratory goods, standards, contracts - EA 3788

   Culture and Communication Laboratory - EA 3151

   Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry and Vector Molecular Systems - EA 932

   Avignon History Laboratory (LHISA) - EA 3152

   Laboratory of Hydrogeology - EA 2665

   Laboratory Cultural Identity, Texts and Theatricality (ICTT) - EA 4277

   Avignon Computer Laboratory - EA 931

   Laboratory Management and International Trade - Wine Industry (PRATIC)

   Pathophysiology of cardiovascular adaptation to exercise - EA 2426

   Invertebrate Ecology - UMR 406

   Joint Research Unit A408 (UAPV-INRA)

   Joint Research Unit ESPACE - UMR 7300 (formerly 6012)

   Joint Research Unit Climate soil and environment

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