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cardinal newman[edit]

{{schoolzone}} {|border="1" align="right" width="256" |-align=center bgcolor=#f5deb3 !Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School |- align=center | [[Image:Cardinal Newman photo.JPG|224px]] <!--A sunny picture would be appreciated--> |-align=center bgcolor=#f5deb3 !Address |- | {|- align=center |100 Brimley Road South, |- |[[Scarborough, Ontario|Scarborough]], [[Ontario]], M1M 3X4 |- |[[Canada]] |- |} | |-align=center bgcolor=#f5deb3 !Contact |- | {|- align=center |[[Telephone|Tel]] (416) 393-5519 |- |[[Fascimile|Fax]] (416) 393-5110 |- |[[E-mail address|E-mail]] <!> |- |[[Website]] [ Cardinal Newman at TCDSB] |- |} | |-align=center bgcolor=#f5deb3 !Information |- | {| align=center |style="background:#efefef;" | School Number |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Unknown |- |style="background:#efefef;" | School Board |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | [[Toronto Catholic District School Board]] |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Superintendent |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Doug Yack |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Area Trustee |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Paul Crawford |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Principal |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Russ Coleman |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Vice Principals |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Unknown |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Administrator |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Unknown |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Chief Custodian |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Unknown |- |style="background:#efefef;" | School type |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | Secondary |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Grades |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | 9–12 |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Language |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | English |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Area |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Founded |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | 1973 |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Enrollment |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | 1375 |- |style="background:#efefef;" | Info updated |style="background:#f8f8ff;" | 2006 |} |} [[Image:Cardinal Newman Logo.jpg|160px|left]] '''''Cardinal Newman Catholic High School''''' was founded in [[1973]] when the St. Augustine's Seminary opted to utilize the space left over from declining enrollment. The school was named after [[John Henry Newman]], 19th century English convert to Catholicism and prolific author who is currently in the process of [[beatification]]. Located on a magnificent 45 acre campus, Cardinal Newman Catholic School overlooks a broad vista that contains both the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario. ==History== In 1973, Newman was entirely staffed by lay Catholic teachers. Many of our teachers have since gone on to found, to teach and to administer similar schools in the system. Newman was one of two high schools in the system to pilot an integration program for students with special needs. We were among the first schools within the Toronto Catholic District School Board to introduce programs ranging from peer counseling and mediation to electronic keyboarding and communications technology. Our school was profiled in a video produced by the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association in the 1990s for our exemplary work in developing programs which integrate Catholic values and teachings into the curriculum. We are proud that innovation is a part of our tradition at Newman. Cardinal Newman continues to thrive because of its tradition of providing a caring educational, social and spiritual environment for our students. ===Newman has the unique One Community=== We have established program initiatives within our community to assist the development of all. These include curriculum modifications such as individualized programming, integration and enrichment. Our academic program offers a wide range of subjects, and our courses are offered at levels of difficulty appropriate to each student: full inclusion is both a philosophical commitment and a strategy. In 1995, we were recognized by the Ministry of Education with an Exemplary Practice Award for our work with exceptional students, confirming our status as a model for this type of education within the province. What really brings the school to life, however, are the co-curricular programs which are a vital component of a student's well-rounded development. Our student services department has developed peer counseling and peer tutoring programs to serve all students in the community and to promote their personal and interpersonal growth. We have a well-developed sports program with competitive league teams ranging from rugby to racquet sports, and an intramural program open to all interested students. Our clubs cater to every interest from photography and chess to weight-lifting and snowboarding. A strong tradition of involvement within the arts has been nurtured over the years. Art shows provide a showcase for our visual arts students, annual concerts provide a forum for our musical ensemble and choirs, and our drama club's work over the years has encompassed everything from Broadway musicals to serious theatre. The variety of co-curricular activities offers all students the opportunity to explore individual talents, to develop skills, and to enrich the entire community. In making the school a safe, welcoming and developing environment, Newman has implemented a variety of programs and services through different groups in the school. The Newman Knight Watch initiative provides an ongoing liaison with our community police officers, and seeks to make the school safe and secure in a proactive way. “One Community” celebrates the distinctiveness of our unity in the midst of our cultural, racial and ethnic diversity. The “Newman Helps” group makes students aware of our local community through involvement with those less advantaged than ourselves. Scar Trek, our annual walkathon, is both a celebration of ourselves as a community and a development of our awareness as global citizens. In all of these initiatives we strive to engage our students and to meet their needs in an increasingly diversified and changing society. ''The above was found at:'' ==External Links== [ Cardinal Newman Homepage]

my sandbox.............................[edit]

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Lismore is under attack![edit]

{{Infobox_band | | band_name = Lismore | years_active = | status = Active | origin = [[Jersey City, NJ]], [[USA]] | country = | music_genre = [[Glitch (music)|Glitch]]<br />[[Ambient music|Ambient]]<br />[[Electro music|Electro]]<br /> | image = [[Image:Lismore band.jpg|270px]] | record_label = [[Cult-Hero]]/[[Eighth Dimension]] | current_members = Penelope Trappes <br /> Stephen Hindman <br /> Ingrid Dahl <br /> Damon Gray | website = [] }} '''Lismore''' is a [[Jersey City]],[[New Jersey|NJ]] [[electronic music]] group formed by [[singer|vocalist]] Penelope Trappes and composer/instrumentalist Stephen Hindman in [[2002]]. The group uses both live instruments and programmed beats to achieve thier sound. ==Members== *Penelope Trappes (vocals) *Stephen Hindman (programming, [[guitars]]) *Ingrid Dahl ([[bass guitar|bass]]) *Damon Gray ([[drums]]) == History == Lismore began in late 2002, when Stephen Hindman, formerly known as [[drum and bass]] producer "DJ Kingsize", began experimenting with electronic beats and slowly started to incorporate his neighboor, Penelope Trappes. Once Trappes and Hindman decided that thier experemental sound had potential they spent most of [[2003]] in the studio creating thier debut album [[We Could Connect or We Could Not]]. In [[2003]], Ingrid Dahl and Damon Gray were added to the band's lineup in order to enhance thier live shows. == Discography == ===Albums === * ''[[We Could Connect or We Could Not]]'' (2004) == External links == *[ Lismore Offical Site] *[ Lismore] at [[MySpace]] *[ Lismore] at [[Musicbrainz]] *[ Lismore] at [[]] [[Category:Electronic music groups]] [[Category:2000s music groups]] [[Category:American musical groups]] {{US-electronic-band-stub}} ===ALBUM PART=== {{Album infobox | Name = We Could Connect or We Could Not| Type = [[Album (music)|Album]] | Artist = [[Lismore (band)|Lismore]] | Cover = Lismore_we_could_connect.jpg| Background = Orange | Released = [[August 24]] [[2004]] <small>([[US]])</small><br/>[[February 22]] [[2005]]<small> ([[Canada|CA]])/([[UK]])</small> | Recorded = [[2003]] | Genre = [[Ambient music|Ambient]] [[Glitch (music)|Glitch]]/[[Electro music|Electro]] | Length = 52:54 | Label = [[Eighth Dimension]]/[[Cult Hero]]| Producer = | Reviews = * [[All Music Guide]] [[Image:3hv out of 5.png|3.5 stars out of 5]] [ link]| Last album = N/A | This album = '''''We Could Connect or We Could Not'''''</br>(2004) | Next album = N/A | |}} '''We Could Connect or We Could Not''' is the debut album from [[Electro music|electro]] [[glitch]] band [[Lismore (band)|Lismore]]. This album was recorded in 2003 at Flight in [[Jersey City, NJ]] and had its [[United States|American]] release in [[2004]] and its [[United Kingdom]] and [[Canada|Canadian]] releases in [[2005]]. ==Track Listing== # "Tremolo" - 5:05 # "Pour un Ancien Ami" - 4:43 # "Cut" - 4:29 # "This Time " - 4:05 # "Blood Bank " - 3:27 # "One Room House " - 5:40 # "Finest Hour" - 4:40 # "Come Undone" - 3:54 # "Someday It Will End" - 1:24 # "Aika Miura" - 4:17 # "Tonight" - 5:21 # "Angelize" - 5:49 [[Category:Debut albums]] [[Category:2005 albums]] {{electronic-album-stub}}

THE GAME[edit]

'''The Game''' is a [[social]] phenomenon and an anti-[[memory]] game, the objective of which is to forget its existence. It is spread mostly by [[word of mouth]], leading to a number of variations, but all share the same basic rules: # Knowledge of The Game is the only thing required to play it. # Thinking of The Game causes a player to lose. # A losing player must announce the loss. Different versions of the game exist, in which details are specified, such as allowing a short grace period (10-30 minutes) after losing to forget about the game again, at which point, they resume playing. {{citeneeded}} The Game has no end; players may lose repeatedly. According to the [[Belgian]] newspaper ''[[De Morgen]]'', the Game is played mainly in the [[United States]] and the [[United Kingdom]], but also in [[Australia]], [[Brazil]], [[Japan]], and [[Belgium]]. Despite its reported prevalence this is the only mainstream report of The Game. The Game is a special example of a [[meme]] because its rules represent the fundamentals of memetic replication. == Strategy == <!-- Note to editors: the source for this section comes from a paragraph from the De Morgen article, approximately translated to: In the UK, fanatics have developed several strategies to make their fellow players lose. They write "The Game" in big letters on the chalkboard in front of the class, they hide little notes saying that the finder of the note has lost. The ultimate strategy is, of course, to remind the competition of the Game as often as possible, without being reminded of it yourself. --> The Game has no set rule defining a "winning" player, but participants can measure their performance by comparing how often they lose relative to their opponents. Thus, strategy in these games consists of attempts to make one's opponents lose while minimizing one's personal losses. Students in the United Kingdom playing The Game have been reported to leave messages on blackboards and pieces of paper for other players to later come across. ==Origins== The origin of The Game is uncertain. The earliest mention on the Internet currently known is August 2002, [] although some players claim to have been playing for much longer. The earliest known Internet mention where a date can be established with certainty is a Usenet news posting from December 2003. [] ==External links== *[] *[ The Game Tree] is an online family tree that has been set up to try and trace the spread of The Game back to its origins. ==References== * {{nl icon}} {{cite news |url= |publisher=De Morgen |title=The Game, het eenvoudigste spel ter wereld |date=March 15, 2006 }} (Subscription required) [[Category:Articles for deletion]] [[Category:Games]] [[he:המשחק (משחק)]]

Abandin Theory stuff im savin fo lata[edit]

{{Infobox_band | band_name = [[Image:Abandintheorylogo.jpg|150px]] | image = [[Image:Abandintheorystudio.jpg|300px]] | years_active = [[1999]]–present | origin = [[Brampton, Ontario]], [[Canada]] | music_genre = [[indie rock|Indie]]/[[Rock music|Rock]] | record_label = Independent | current_members = Andre Ulloa<br/>Nick Cheung<br/>Gary Bailie<br/>Matt Cheung| }} '''''Abandin Theory''''' are a band from [[Brampton, Ontario]], [[Canada]] whose unique take on tradional [[indie rock|indie]] and [[Rock music|rock]] augmented by offbeat rhythms, tapping melodies and their overwhelming enthusiasm for live shows makes for a band whose sound is truly hard to define. Their debut [[Extended play|EP]] recorded at Last Ounce Media, is titled ''[[Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right]]'' and was released in [[2005]]. They have since been featured in tour across [[Ontario]] and have been featured in both [[Eye Weekly]] and [[NOW (magazine)|NOW! Magazine]]. ==Band Members== *'''Andre Ulloa''' - guitar, vocals *'''Gary Bailie''' - guitar, vocals *'''Nick Cheung''' - drums, backing vocals *'''Matt Cheung''' - bass, backing vocals ==History== Abandin Theory is a four piece rock band that since 1998, has continually incorporated various styles of music, such as [[indie rock|indie]] and various forms of [[Rock music|rock]] to create their own niche in the local underground music scene. The band was formed not so surprisingly in their high school music class by Andre, Gary, and Nick. This unofficial inception led to casual performances in their school's coffee shop. They soon realized after several performances that they should take their unfocused energy and refine it by creating music together. Gary had just left his previous band and the three, along with two other close friends began as ''7ate9''. 7ate9 played infrequently at local Brampton bars with shows mainly comprised of covers and few original works. Eventually problems within the band developed and obstructed 7ate9's hope of creating original music and so shortly after these problems were realized, 7ate9 disbanded. Andre, Gary, and Nick continued to be friends and several years later went out to see a local band perform at a bar. They were inspired. Seeing the energy of the live show brought back memories of their previous endeavor as 7ate9 and immediately the three started writing songs again. Initially, the idea of an [[Extended play|EP]] would have seemed ludicrous but the quality of the songs that were created warranted more attention than just a friends kegger but without a bassist the band could not take this step from basement band to released artists. A long and arduous auditioning process ensued but proved to be futile. It soon became apparent that auditioning would not reap any worthy bass players but practices went on despite their disillusionment. Matt, Nick's brother, though not in the band, decided to come out and jam at one of said practices for fun and that was when the three realized that the obvious solution to their bassist problem was close at hand all along. Abandon Theory was formed. ==Discography== ===EPs and Singles=== *''[[Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right]]'' (2005) ==External links== *[ Official Site] *[ Abandin Theory at MySpace] *[ Abandin Theory at]

{{Album infobox | Name = Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right| Type = [[Extended play|EP]] | Artist = [[Abandin Theory]] | Cover = ATswtsiwar.gif | Background = Orange | Released = [[June]] [[2005]] | Recorded = 2005 | Genre = [[Rock music|Rock]] | Length = 28:27 | Label = Independent | Producer = Unknown | Reviews = Unknown | Last album = ''N/A'' | This album = '''''[[Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right]]''''' <br>(2005) | Next album = ''N/A''|}} '''''Sometimes What They Say Is Wrong Ain't Right''''' is an [[Extended play|EP]] by the band [[Abandin Theory]], released in [[June]], [[2005]]. ==Track listing== All tracks written by Andre Ulloa, Matt Cheung, Gary Baillie, Nick Cheung. #"Broken Clocks" – 2:56 #"Determination and the Drive" – 4:26 #"Song For Her" – 4:09 #"Regret: The Final Date" – 5:14 #"When What They Say Is Wrong" – 4:21 #"Stand Up and Be Counted" – 3:11 #"Old and New" – 4:10

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