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Admiral Memo is the online screen name of Michael James Moore. He is a native Baltimorean, a Christian, a Trekkie, and a LoadingReadyRunner. He was formerly a Sevilian, while that was still around. He was born May 12, 1982 at 6:52 PM, EDT. His parents, B. Wayne Moore and Jeanne Lindsay-Moore are quite loving and raised him well, even if his father was a little distant at times. He has gone to church all his life, with most of his time being at Loch Hill Chapel, though his family has recently switched to Forge Road Bible Chapel, both being Plymouth Brethren churches. His went to school at Furley Elementary, St. James Lutheran Day School, and finally at Perry Hall Christian School. His college life started in 1999 with a semester at Messiah College, majoring in Engineering. This went badly, as he got quite addicted to the Internet, computer games, and partying. His highest grade that semester was a D+ in Chemistry. After returning home to Baltimore, disappointed at blowing his scholarship, he began work at a McDonald's near him. This helped pay for his college education at CCBC: Essex. He ended up working at McDonald's for four years and was considered one of the best workers there. He graduated CCBC in 2003 with an Associate's Degree in Computer Science. In June of 2004, he changed jobs and started working with his father at Maryland Reprographics, where he stayed until 2010. He got a job at Gandi that same year, where he was quite happy, until some major restructuring happened in 2015. In 2016, he got a job at Pole to Win, and was relatively content there until 2019.

During his time at Messiah College, he found out about the Sev Trek comics and became an instant fan. He's submitted many punchlines and has integrated himself into the community quite thoroughly.

During his time at CCBC, he was introduced to LiveJournal by a former Sevilian. He has his own journal there and tried to update frequently, but that was usually impossible, due to his hectic schedule. When Twitter and Facebook came to the forefront, he generally migrated over there.

After Sev Trek was shut down, he went searching for a new community. Through a chain of events (Zero Punctuation to the wider Escapist network to Unskippable), he became a very avid fan of LoadingReadyRun, and has stayed with the community since 2008.

In July of 2005, he began taking up roller skating frequently, trying to go every Thursday, when it's half-price. He mostly succeeded until external factors caused the end of that.

Jennifer Spangenberg was his long-time companion and best friend. They dated off and on, and stayed close between 1985 and 2006. He was annoyed by several habits of hers, specifically her almost rabid infatuation with Joe McIntyre, of New Kids on the Block fame and her Swiss-cheese memory.

He is an avid fan of McGriddles.

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