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Knowledge is a pollen grain and i am a Pollinator.


I'm just a random Wikipeadian.

My Articles of Intrests[edit]

I tend to contribute to those articles which intrests me,such as Films,Politics,Literature,History and so on.


UTW stands for 'Unite The World', i want the society to live in peace understanding the feelings of others.

My Contributions and userboxes[edit]

Articles that i have edited
1.Falcon (comics)
3.Infinity Gems
4.Omar Khayyám
5.Avengers: Infinity War
7.Research and Analysis Wing
9.Ronan the Accuser
10.Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in comics
11.Rick Jones (comics)
12.List of fictional countries
13.Level 10
14.List of fictional towns in literature
15.List of fictional towns in television
16.List of fictional towns in animation
17.List of constructed languages
18.List of fictional United States Presidents G–M
19.List of fictional towns in film
20.List of vigilantes in popular culture
21.List of fictional secret agents
22.List of fictional towns in comics
23.List of films considered the best
24.List of fictional birds
25.List of World War II films since 1990
26.List of constructed languages
27.Butterfly effect in popular culture
28.List of disaster films
29.The Nine Unknown
31.Indus Valley Civilisation
32.Ancient astronauts in popular culture
33.List of fictional gangs
35.Rogue One
36.Names of India
37.The Punisher (TV series)
38.Alauddin Khalji
39.Subhas Chandra Bose
40.Historical period drama films set in Asia
41.List of forms of government
42.List of television shows based on Indian history
43.List of British Indians
44.Malabar region
Articles that i have created
1. Holy Trinity School, Kanjikode
2. Saint Lawrence School,Tentoloi
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PalakkadFarms.JPG I hail from Palakkad: Kerala's Rice Bowl