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I'm the former JET Programme CIR in Ikata, Ehime, Japan. I'll be updating and improving the Ikata page and other related pages (Iyo dialect, etc.).

Current projects[edit]

  • Submitting pictures taken in the Ehime/Shikoku area (also Panoramio)
  • Removing gratuitous "In pop culture" sections from articles (see User:Amake/Popculture for rationale)
  • Cleaning up municipality articles on Honshū by adding geodata and updating merger info

Recent contributions[edit]

Good article Ikata, Ehime is now a good article! My thanks to the editors who helped polish it up.

I'm tuning up articles on all current municipalities in Japan with the help of my bot. That means:

This project is largely motivated by the prospect of having these articles show up in the Wikipedia layer in Google Earth.

Finished with

Pages started or written mostly by me[edit]

Things I'm actually interested in:

Pages that no one else had gotten around to making: