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Welcome to my user page!

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  • I am ARUN KUMAR SHARMA (Hindi : अरुण कुमार शर्मा) Born on 20 September 1990.I am an Indian and an avid reader of WIKIPEDIA especially in India and Military related articles.A Wikipedian who actively engaged in editing and improving articles related to Military and Military aviation.
  • I believe LIFE will not come again and WE have many things to do so DON'T BE UPSET for anything ; lets do it.


  1. I am an Indian.
  2. I live in Jaipur,Rajasthan.
  3. I am a computer science student at Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology,Jaipur,Rajasthan.
  4. I am proudly a Autoconfirmed user and a contributer in Wikipedia.
  5. I am an active member of Wikipedia:WikiProject_India and Wikipedia:MILITARY and many other projects.
  6. I am a Hindu but I don't believe in religion. I think all religions are good and equal & the biggest religion is humanity.
  7. Thought - " BE A GOOD HUMAN or AT LEAST A 'HUMAN' "


  1. In Military especially in Military aviation.
  2. In new Technologies.
  3. In cooking and eating.
  4. In reading Novels and listen Music.
  5. In playing Chess and Badminton.
  6. In Adventure.
  7. In world History.


  1. India
  2. Aircraft Carrier
  3. F-22_Raptor
  4. Sukhoi PAK FA
  5. Sukhoi Su-47
  6. Boeing X-45
  7. Northrop Grumman X-47A Pegasus
  8. Agni (missile)
  9. Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
  10. Soviet Union
  11. World War II
  12. Timeline of World War I
  13. Timeline of World War II
  14. Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
  15. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
  16. Sukhoi/HAL FGFA
  17. Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
  18. Defence Research and Development Organisation
  19. List of active United States military aircraft
  20. List of fighter aircraft
  21. List of active Indian military aircraft
  22. List of currently active Russian military aircraft

and many more....


  1. Lottery_(short_story)
  2. Gajar Ka Halwa


  1. List_of_active_Indian_military_aircraft
  2. Barrett_M82#Barrett_M107A1
  3. Premchand



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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma at home
  • birth_date = (1990-09-20) September 20, 1990 (age 26)
  • nationality = Indian
  • residence = Jaipur, India
  • parents = Shri Satish Sharma
    Smt. Anjana Sharma
Arun Sharma 101
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