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Articles to fix[edit]

Realizational morphology is a derivative of word-and-paradigm morphology, not equivalent to it



Functionalism (linguistics)

Bios of linguists[edit]

User:Babbage/Bios of linguists


  • trying to svg-ize a whole bunch of different maps

The other problem there is that building out the phonology charts is a HUGE PAIN IN THE NECK. I have no idea how people can stand to produce those things without some sort of tool. I guess people start with existing charts & edit those, but there has _got_ to be a better way.


I've been building User:Babbage/Books/California Languages. Trying to figure out what to add has turned out to be a bit of an education in language classification!

User:Babbage/Bios of Linguists

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I keep this list so I can occasionally see if someone has made an improvement to an article I started.

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Category:Writing systems without word boundaries

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For my future perusal...

· User:Taivo · User:Mark Dingemanse · User:Kwamikagami · User:CJLL Wright · User:Ish ishwar · User:Miskwito ·

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hello, self

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The new Pediapress book functionality is really fun. Here's my bookshelf

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The first edit I made was adding an and. ☺

Lotus-buddha.svg This user is a Buddhist.

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The Signpost
28 February 2019
Plum Brandy
Plum Brandy, also known as The Plum (French: La Prune), is an oil-on-canvas painting by the French modernist artist Édouard Manet. It is undated but thought to have been painted about 1877. It depicts a woman seated alone at a table in a cafe, in a lethargic pose similar to that of the woman in Degas' L'Absinthe. The woman may be a prostitute, but unlike the subject of Degas' work she appears more dreamy than depressed. She holds an unlit cigarette and her plum brandy appears untouched. Plum Brandy is now in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.Painting: Édouard Manet