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Note: This page would not be updated except the anime section and to replace outdated templates (by me or other people). — Fnfd (Talk/ノート) 15:49, 14 October 2006 (UTC)
この記事に付けられた題名はウィキペディアの技術的制限から不正確なものとなっています。本来の題名は「利用者:fnfd (エフーエンーエフーヂ)」です。

Opps, wrong one! :P I ment to place this one:

Shinjuku at night
Can you find me in this picture?
(Hint:I never been there before)


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This page contains Latin, Chinese, Japanese and Korean texts.
(Irrerevent stuff on userpage might be placed here without warning)


My full name is Muhammad Haiqal Bin Abdul Aziz (or Simply Haiqal Aziz) and I live in Simei (near Tampines), Singapore

Random nonsense (read them if you are bored)[edit]

  • My username is spelt as fnfd/Fnfd (all in low-caps or with only a capital F). If you were to search on google, don't be surprised if there many with the same spelling. The correct one should be all in low-caps or with a capital F.
  • The name originates from flyernofoolsday (my neopet name). Now it's no longer an acronym. (Like how Lucky - Goldstar been renamed to become LG.)
  • I am thinking of the name flyernofoolsday/fnfd to be changed to フィヤノフスダイ (Fwiyanohusudai) due to the words in it.
  • I am not sure about this but if my full name is written in Japanese, it would appear as ムハッマヅ・ハイカル・イン・アビヂ・アジイジ. I place my name in the Nexon regristration (for maplestory japan) as 阿知須 ハイカ
  • Are there really living things outside the Solar System?
  • I always want to go to places where it snows. (like Hokkaido)
  • Electrostatic buildup in clouds and causes it to transfer to the opposite charge on the ground. Thus, creating lightning and thunder
  • Trial balance is prepared in each financial period as a summary of the closing of the previous ledger. The total of the debit side should always be equal to the total of the credit side which proves the arithmetic accuracy of the ledger entry.
  • Wind arises between two areas which tends to flow from the area of high pressure to the area of low pressure until the two air masses are at the same pressure.
  • Hydrogen Oxide (H2O) is formed when 2 hydrogen atoms are combined with oxygen.
  • A Playstation 3 is much better than NES.
  • Microsoft's Windows Vista release date has been delayed from June 2004 to (possibly) end-2006.
  • A 60 inch Liquid Cristal Display television is more expensive than a 29 inch Cathode ray tube television.
  • The time zone for Singapore is 8 hours ahead of GMT/UTC (allong with Malaysia and China). So if it is 7 A.M in New York (without DST), it would be 8 P.M. here in singapore.
  • If you were wondering how i know the location based on the IP address, i used this widget to find the location.

Schools I study at[edit]

Studied in Changkat Primary School from 1996 to 2001 in classes 1C, 5D, 6D (can't remember the rest) and currently at Hai Sing Catholic School from 2002 till today in classes 1N2, 2N2, 3N2 and 4N2, 5N2.

Favourites (in random order)[edit]

Don and Drew show
Maple Story
Whatever anime shows that air on Mediacorp TV12's Arts Central on Wednesdays to Fridays from 11pm and Kids Central on Saturday mornings


Speaking of Japanese Anime on MediaCorp TV12's Arts Central, here is the list of anime that was aired on Wednesdays to Fridays from 11pm to 12am (+8 UTC)


This is the list of anime I watched in the order of when I started watching them. Do note that this does not mean that I watch through the entire series or most of the episodes.

Major Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

(My watchlist is on the right)


If you play MapleStory, you can look for me at the following Servers/Words.

MSEA - MapleStory Southeast Asia
JMS - MapleStory Japan
(F) - Female character
(M) - Male character

  • Aqualia (MSEA)
    • fnfd - Lv62 Ice/Lit Wizard (M)
    • Fnfd2 - Lv11 Magician (M)(Cleric-to-be)
    • Fnfd3 - Lv8 Beginner (F) (Assin-to-be)
  • Booties (MSEA)
    • XD001 - Lv18 Bowman (M)
    • kanahasu - Lv16 Spearman (M) (Fighter-to-be)
    • XX00FNFD00XX - Lv10 Rogue (M) (Hermit-to-be)
  • Cassiopeia (MSEA)
    • o0Fnfd0o - Lv10 Spearman (M) (Page-to-be)
    • Haikaru - Lv5 Beginner (M)
    • Fnfd1 - Lv2 Beginner (F)
  • Sumomo (すもも) (JMS)
    • トパヨTown - Lv3 Beginner
  • Kaede (かえで) (JMS)
    • haikal - Lv16 Magician

NOTE:I am the most active in Aqualia (the one with the highest level) and no longer play on JMS mainly due to difficulty of typing jap chars on a non-jap keyboard and rumours of JMS banning non-Japanese IP adresses due to people there speaking "excessive English".


I no longer play Neopets due to lack of interest and only go there in December to collect Advent prizes. However, if you want to see my account here are my account names. Enter the following names in the search box to view my user profile.

  • prof_elm_oak_gameboy: Last Spotted 48 days ago (as at 24 March 2006) - an (outdated) list of pokemon episodes is found there. (Note that I used some of the pets names there in maplestory)
  • flyernofoolsday: Last Spotted 126 days ago (as at 24 March 2006) - If you entered from the searchbox, there should be 2 by the same name. One a neopet (belonging to one of my accounts) and the other a User account. (Note that the user details there are false)

Phrases/Words I learnt from non-native languages[edit]

Note that I may be lazy to put it in (proper) words or even translate to english. Althought I might state what language it is. Note that the spellings may not be correct and translated phrase may not be there.

Format: phrase in foriegn language (Dialact and/or language) - Translated phase (comment)

Random External Links :P[edit]

(Again in random order)

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