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About Me[edit]

Joined as a Wikipedian on 29 October 2006.

I am a Singaporean teenager who joined because his IP address was shared by some vandal, resulting in the author getting unpleasantly locked out from edit pages. As a member, I now have little to fear!

I enjoy movies a great deal, and have had a long-time interest in the film-making process. My favourite genre of film is action-adventure, in the vein of the classic Indiana Jones films. I have a great interest in special and visual effects in movies - who can forget the Star Destroyer chasing down the Rebel Blockade Runner in Star wars, the T-1000 dissolving into liquid metal in Terminator 2: Judgement Day or the eerie Spyders in Minority Report (film)? Among my favourite actors are Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. Favourite movie directors include Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams and Robert Zemeckis.

As of 2012, I am currently working as a contributor/writer to Singapore's F*** Movie Magazine (the three asterisks stand for 'film', 'fame' and 'fact') I really enjoy writing and have been writing movie reviews for fun since I was 12, and am grateful to be doing so semi-professionally now.

List of Favourite Films[edit]

Here we go,

Action Comedies/ Thrillers

As mentioned earlier, Action Comedies rank as my favourite genre. Which teenage guy doesn't like to seeing things get blown up, or enjoys a farcial gag or two? The appeal is undeniable. Further more, I love special effects: physical or CGI, they're all interesting. I love to analyse particular scenes and stunts, and look out for mistakes or trivia points. I'm no nitpicker, but that's where the average teenager and I differ.

As for thrillers, you completely can't be laughing all the time. Everything's heavier in these films: mystery, plot, action etcetra. This makes them all the more intriguing.

One last note: some of these films can be mixed up in other genres too.

Sci Fi

In the realm of science fiction, anything's possible. I kinda think this genre bonds all others. There are science fiction action and comedy films aplenty, almost all fantasy is also science fiction (and vice versa), a ton of weird sci-fi thrillers, a couple of horror films, heck, there are even some sci-fi romances (The Lake House)! My personal faves (inclusive of alien movies, depictions of the future, superhero movies, disaster films etc) are listed below:


Truth be told, there aren't that many mainstream musical films that catch my fancy: the 2001 Moulin Rougue too risque and gaudy; the same can be said of the Chicago film as well. However, there is one...


I have to think and cry once in a while too, you know.

  • Slumdog Millionaire (The little film that could-touching, funny and absolutely mesmerizing)
  • Rain Man (a brilliantly-acted and completely unpretentious tale of tolerance and understanding)
  • The Queen (film) (A sensitive and majestic portrayal of Her Majesty by the very talented Helen Mirren)
  • Forrest Gump (A triumph on every level - story-wise, in terms of acting, effects and even music.)


Whoever said cartoons were just for kids was painfully wrong. I enjoy layered and complex animated pieces, the Batman animated films, Disney classics and of course Pixar's beautiful computer-generated work count among my favourites. High-quality artwork doesn't hurt either.

Notable-ish Contributions[edit]

I have created these articles so far:

Plus the relevant redirect pages.

Thanks for viewing my userpage!


Jedd the Jedi