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Deep Learning Studio
Original author(s)Various
Stable release
1.0.1 / 15 January 2017; 2 years ago (2017-01-15)
Written inPython
Operating systemLinux, OS X, Windows
PlatformCloud Computing
Available inEnglish
Typedeep learning, machine vision, artificial intelligence, Natural language processing

Deep Learning Studio is a GUI based deep learning cloud platform and on-premises software. Deep Learning Studio's main focus is to make Deep Learning accessible to non-programmers. It supports building of various different types of Artificial neural network including fully connected network, Convolutional neural network, Recurrent neural network and LSTM networks. It supports automatic encoding of various data types for example one hot encoding of categorical values.


Deep Learning Studio's development started in Jan 2016 with Rajendra Singh, Krisha Kishore and Mandeep Kumar as main contributors. First public release of Deep Learning Studio was done in Jan 2017. Currently it uses a propitiatory cloud and runs TensorFlow and Theano (software) for computations.



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