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I am Mohammad Adil (محمد عديل ), from Quetta Pakistan. I am a student (well, we shall always remain students, no one is an expert !), an amateur bodybuilder, an adventurous Hiker (love mountains !) and an ever enthusiastic student of military history, strategies and tactics. i don't remember why exactly i signed up to Wikipedia on 11th October 2006, but when i signed up i found may self interested in editing military history related articles, specially early Islamic military history. I also have contributed to some battles related to Second Punic War, 218-201 B.C, making battle maps and rewriting battle section accordingly, i have some plans regarding the battles involved in Mongol conquest. I also have plans for further contributions in the articles of famous battles, basically drawing their battle maps to make it far easier for a new reader to understand tactical maneuvers involved in that particular battle. If any battle you think needs a graphical representation via battle maps, feel free to ask me, I'll make maps for it.


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