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Mr. Matté (born 1990), also known as Mr. Matt or Matt, is a Wikipedia editor, reviewer, and autopatrolled user. His main areas of focus is creating and maintaining articles and media relating to highways within the scope of the U.S. Roads Wikiproject (WP:USRD) though he does edit other sections.

Wikipedia career[edit]

An example of the kind of maps I create for WP:USRD

Mr. Matté's first experience with Wikipedia occurred c. 2004 when he found the mirror site, TheFreeDictionary. Eventually, he migrated to the source wiki and started editing on Wikipedia under that name on April 6, 2007.[1] Matt's edits early on dealt with creating articles for roads near his New Jersey home and articles on United States gubernatorial elections in past years. He contributed scalable vector graphics to these articles using Inkscape such as highway shields, election maps, and municipality maps of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 2009, Matt also participated in reducing the number of New Jersey and Pennsylvania articles missing coordinates by inserting the Coord template and associated coordinate location of many places in those states.[2] Between late 2009 and May 2012, Matt wound down his editing on Wikipedia as he was progressing through college but became an active editor again in May 2012 by beginning to add Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files to WP:USRD pages.[2] In February 2013, though starting a full-time job, Matt began reducing the number of WP:USRD articles requiring maps by creating highway maps for articles about roads in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. As of January 2014, Matt is continuing to work on creating maps for Ohio state highways and once finished, will likely create road maps for another state's highways.

Other areas of interest to Matt include American politician and election articles, New Jersey municipalities, and adding photos of sites around Central Jersey. Unlike many experienced editors,[who?] Matt does not use any automatic editors such as bots, Twinkle, or AWB; all of his edits are made directly from the Wikipedia text editor (also known as "Edit Source" in the VisualEditor era).

Articles created[edit]

This list does not include KML files created in the Template namespace.

KML files created[edit]

Map of all KML files I've created or have had a major involvement in creating as of January 1, 2018
Map of all KML files in New England I've created or have had a major involvement in creating as of January 1, 2018
Map of all KML files in the Mid Atlantic I've created or have had a major involvement in creating as of January 1, 2018
Map of all KML files in the Southeastern United States I've created or have had a major involvement in creating as of January 1, 2018

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Mr. Matté has received following barnstars:

Title User Date / time Reason
The Working Man's Barnstar User:Moabdave February 12, 2008; 22:28 For fixing up Nevada highway shields[3]
The Tireless Contributor Barnstar User:Dough4872 September 3, 2012; 23:32 For creating KMLs for road articles[4]
The Michigan State Highways Barnstar User:Imzadi1979 October 14, 2012; 18:57 For creating KMLs for Michigan road articles[5]
The Tireless Contributor Barnstar User:TCN7JM January 20, 2013; 17:28 For creating countless KMLs and work on the list of state highways in Alabama[6]
The Tireless Contributor Barnstar User:Dough4872 February 10, 2013; 22:18 For making Delaware road maps[7]
The WikiProject U.S. Roads Contributor Barnstar User:TCN7JM March 10, 2013; 01:42 For creating maps for South Dakota road articles[8]
The Special Barnstar User:Jgera5 March 15, 2013; 17:14 For adding a map for the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike article[9]
The WikiProject U.S. Roads Contributor Barnstar User:Jgera5 July 18, 2013; 16:30 For creating a map for the Mon–Fayette Expressway article[10]
Winner of the 2014 WP:HWY/CUP User:TCN7JM September 1, 2014; 07:13 For winning the 2014 WikiProject Highways/HWY Cup[11]
The Photographer's Barnstar User:Tinton5 May 11, 2015; 01:57 For improving and adding pics to various NJ-related pages[12]
The Graphic Designer's Barnstar (via Commons) User:Cugel06 May 11, 2015; 01:57 For the SVG map of Minnesota by U.S. House District[13]

Did you know?[edit]

Mr. Matté has the following articles featured in the Did you know section of the main page:

Special privileges[edit]

Mr. Matté was named as a reviewer and an autopatrolled user on December 2, 2012.[16][17]

Edit conflicts[edit]

Mr. Matté has been a part of the following edit conflicts:

  • Leesburg, Ohio and Mowrystown, Ohio (October–December 2013) – Large gallery of unencylopedic photos added to both articles, I removed the galleries and replaced with a link to the Commons, was reverted multiple times over the three months.
  • Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey (January 2014) – I replaced the adjective "Democrat" (in referring to the Democratic Party) with the adjective "Democratic," was reverted due to a claim that the epithet is used in New Jersey newspapers regularly


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Personal life[edit]

Matt is a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Engineering with a B.S. in civil engineering. He is currently working as an engineer in training in New Jersey. He lives in East Windsor Township and in addition to editing articles, bikes, enjoys old game shows and participates in local Democratic Party activities.

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