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1911 verification: 20.6%
ACF Regionals answers: 64.1%
Hotlist of topics: 88.7%
General topics: 79.6%
Science topics: 92%
Catholic Encyclopedia: 86.2%
Easton's Bible Dictionary: 88%
Encyclopaedia Biblica : 69.5%
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology: 80.6%
Gutenberg authors : 57.1%
Jewish Encyclopedia : 39%
Literary Encyclopedia: 81.9%
Polish Biographical Dictionary: 6%
Find-A-Grave: 85.1%
Stanford Archive answers 97.9%
Missing paintings 64.4%
Many other lists of politicians, songs, TV shows and others.
Overall progress: 65.2%
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I live in Oxford (before that in North London). I've been editing on and off since about October 2004, but after starting this account in January 2005, I've mostly edited from IP addresses. I'm planning only to edit under my account name in future — I've met some hostility to anonymous editing, and it seems easier to do things this way.

I don't have much time for editing, only every few days or so, in bursts of activity. My main (self-imposed) tasks are below.

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles
New articles
Constance Adams Agira
Anurous Moved to Wiktionary & deleted Anvari
Ya'qub Bilbul Louise Arner Boyd
R. B. Braithwaite L. E. Bouet-Willaumez
Cornel (disambiguation page) CUL (disambiguation page)
Dhlo-Dhlo Enclosed Rhyme
Andre Eglevsky R. D. Fitzgerald
William Wellington Gqoba Louise Closser Hale
Adelaide Hall K Virtual Machine
K'uei Hsing K'o-Ssu
Ka'usiyeh Dynasty Kababish
Kabelvag Kavadh (disambiguation page)
Natalie Kingston Olga Kirsch
Kontagora Konzertstuck
Longzhou Ma Duanlin
Macuto and Macuto, Venezuela Magic Cap
Malvern Hill Manciple
Nan-Hsi (disambiguation page, and Nanxi) Narciso Ibáñez Menta
S. F. Nadel Uqba ibn Nafi
Agnes Nestor Níjar
Orchestrina Di Camera Pinkney (disambiguation page)
Planck Postulate Q meter
Recept Madame Restell
Iakov Ivanovich Rostovtsev Shahpur (disambiguation page), plus:
Shahpur, Punjab
Shahpur, Maharashtra
Sign-board Southall Norwood
United Nations Atomic Energy Commission Adeline Dutton Train Whitney
Yahata Yaila Mountains
Yangtze Plain
Entries cleared by redirects
Anableps Ancient Lights
Antiquary barrow Agonic lines
Ashmunayn CPW
Crepe de Chine Croton Oil
Cryptogam Cubango
Devil's-club Devil's-paintbrush
Enchanter's Nightshade Iron mask
K'un-Ch'u Kabarega Falls
Konstantínos Pétrou Kaváfis Keel molding
Khevsurs Konya Carpets
Kormoczbanya Kunbis
Kutais Leucadia
Lungchow Ma Tuan-Lin
Macula Lutea Magnesium alloys
Male fern Man-o'-war bird
Magnus Colorado Orchard grass
Pink Elephant Pinouts
Pipal Pirate Coast
Pivot Joint Place in Bible Judah
Places in Bible Sin Plagues of Egypt
Except that someone quickly moved the article, deleting

my redirect. Still, I like to think that I had some effect.)

Q (electricity) Race Walking
Rachel (Bible) Radiant Intensity
Sidi-Bel-Abbes Sigiri
Single-Stick Sonderburg
Stannaries Tessellated
Under-Croft Jacobus da Varagine

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