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This was always intended to be a temporary username, until I thought of something better. Alas, I never did. It still doesn't quite feel like an actual name to me, though "DS" does (but that's not unique, creating a different problem). In the same spirit, despite being able to write coherent articles that others have given their seals of approval to, my userpage has been a complete mess since its beginning.

I mostly write on inorganic chemistry (particularly chemical element articles), classical music (especially the Viennese classics), and sometimes chess and mathematics. Because the first of these tends to have the most vital articles that I feel comfortable writing about, it is usually there that I am spurred enough to work on an article to GA or FA. (Although when I atone for my sins in writing carbon so badly I will have to write about organic chemistry anyway, so.)

Articles I brought or helped bring to GA: alkali metal, C, (Ga), (In), La, (Ce), Tm, Yb, Th, Np, Md, No, Lr, (Bh), Hs, Mt, Ds, Rg, 113, Fl, 115, Lv, 119, (120); those in parentheses are at GAN. Admittedly carbon sucks, but it's an endemic problem with old GAs, many of which, like ruthenium and hafnium, have lame chemistry sections. I cannot really choose a favourite element very well (it's like being asked to choose a favourite child), but I admit to always having had great fondness for polonium for its unusual properties.

Current works in progress: I, Pr. Thinking about Na or N.

I began editing Wikipedia in 2009 as an immature peddler of unamusing silliness, but don't worry, I have matured significantly since then. (^_^) [Has it been that long?! It still feels like yesterday...] Despite some attempts to leave, some of them moderately successful (the longest being a few months in 2010 and again in 2011), and somewhat reduced activity since 2011–12, I find I care about this site way more than any others I have contributed to, because it gets so many readers. It feels almost like a duty to improve articles when I have the capability to. This is perhaps connected with this inability to leave, which judging by what I have read is almost the reverse of the current high-profile situation among Wikipedians, along with my distaste for excessive drama.

Do I like this place? Certainly not the more dramatic places, and especially not when things blow up, as they have a habit of doing. But it is too important for me to not care, so I will inevitably be back at some point editing yet another chemistry-related article. And that, I do like.

I suppose the other reason is that in 2011 I set myself the naïve goal of getting every article on a main group in the periodic table to FA, along with the articles on the lanthanides and actinides, as if WikiProject Elements' main goal of getting every element to FA were not already a Herculean task. (And continuing the mythological themes, somewhat of a Sisyphean one, since standards keep rising: look at helium and you will see what I mean! Or, even worse, look at my old shame of carbon, a weak GA that I admit to participating in bringing to that...standard.) As a result I feel that it would be somewhat irresponsible to disappear when nitrogen, for example, is in such a terrible state, even as it is "the most abundant uncombined element accessible to man" (Greenwood and Earnshaw, 1st edition, page 466).

I rather suspect therefore that I will end up contravening Giano's guide and making my first FA something intimidating like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a very famous person indeed, and not just for his lavatorial sense of humour. Or gold. Or something. The important thing will be that I refuse to be a star collector. (I think everyone reading this can now see why I do not yet have a single FA to my name. Sorry!) No doubt he will be proven right and "too many people will know too much and say your page is not comprehensive enough or POV". Either that or my writing on chemistry will be considered too technical and it will take three attempts to become FA. At this point perhaps it would have gone way beyond giving the readers an actually good article (regardless of what they came for – but it seems that professionals actually do read our chemistry articles?!), but bronze stars are pretty and it would be nice to have one. (^_^)

I'm contradicting him pretty well by doing the controversial POV-prone thorium! ^_^

Regarding the language bar at the right: there's a rather large gap between my French and my German. I can write rather confidently in the former (although I might make grammar mistakes sometimes), but not confidently at all in the latter (though I can read it and understand it rather painlessly, checking a dictionary for a few words, and translate articles coherently). My Polish and Japanese are mostly limited to simple questions and answers, and are nothing like enough to actually use here!

The following table copied from User:R8R Gtrs/To do, and ordered approximately by how badly I want to get them done:

Target boss
(all mid except final Pb)
Current Goal Reason/notes
Lead C-Class article C Good article GA Featured article FA Collaboration with R8R Gtrs (ongoing)
to overcome the phobia of doing a really important element, which is illogical since all the elements are really popular articles compared with the average hurricane FA
Thorium C-Class article C Good article GA Featured article FA Another chance for a bronze star!
Iodine C-Class article C Featured article FA See my sandbox. I always wanted to finish off the halogens after R8R's groundbreaking work on fluorine, and what better way to start than with the one I always loved the colour of in my first chemistry lessons? (I confess to having gotten a pretty good lungful. Good thing I didn't try it with bromine later...)
Alkali metal C-Class article C A-Class article A Featured article FA You beautiful temperamental metals that I have been writing about since 2011. (^_^) One day I will finish you all up, and we can be happy together forever, at least until the next halogen wanders by...

I can't help being in love with them. They were the elements who first got me interested in chemistry. How could I not love them? I have to make that an FA too. Then maybe the halogens, but the left side of the table was always my first love.

Not that it means I don't think every element is special *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!! like a proper lover of inorganic chemistry
Seaborgium Start-Class article Start Good article GA It may not be all that useful for the readers or the average chemist, but the effect on the periodic table by quality should be motivating! And consider the beauty of the finished seventh row! (quietly hopes people will forget about radium) Do you know that a few decades ago no one thought we could have gotten so far? (That's why I refuse to lose heart about the 172-element periodic table by Pyykkö – even though I doubt I will ever see it...but can I at least see the all-blue WP table?)
This started in 2012 as a quest to get every actinide and transactinide to GA. Now the only ones left are Db and Sg – but should I not leave Db for R8R?Yes, please--R8R (talk)okay Double sharp (talk) 13:53, 22 June 2016 (UTC)
[P.S. If you are writing a character and want to give them a really lame reason to live forever, you're welcome]
the first ten elements Featured article FA (H, He, O, and F are already done, though I would look at the first few – they're pretty old)
every beginning chemistry student is going to love this!!!
Polonium Good article GA Featured article FA ♥♥♥
Strontium C-Class article C Good article GA The last main-group element that isn't terrifyingly well-known
Gold C-Class article C Featured article FA You have to admit, it would be awesome
  The most important item (i.e. best chance at bronze star and appearing on WP:WBFAN, see Yomangan's guide; aka procrastinating for real life)
  Active work (i.e. procrastinating for the most important item)
  On and off (i.e. solid unfinished anchor in Wikipedia life, which means it will always be finished next year)
  Minor work (i.e. procrastinating for active work)
  Future plans (i.e. will happen before the end of next decade)

I don't know what else I'll be doing. Iodine is long enough that I may not be able to get it to a level I consider satisfactory soon, and progress will be slow. (Not to mention the horrible state of the other halogens as well...) I had plans for gallium, strontium, and cerium (all GA), but I don't know when it will happen...I can't quite bring myself to care about most of the other lanthanides, though they'd be similar to their prototype lanthanum which I did. I am trying to keep only one thing open at a time, since I cannot really handle more now, so everything is channelled toward thorium PR and FA now (Pb collaboration with R8R seems to be on hold). I also have an old dream to FA iron, copper, silver and gold. It is not a very sensible dream, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

My next short-term ideas are sodium (complete the first column) and praseodymium (one step closer to completing the lanthanides).

While I find writing chemistry sections quite fun and mostly easy, at least for elements where I feel okay writing only for an audience who could care enough (I wouldn't write about iodine the way I did about thorium), I don't feel the same about things like history, since while they are interesting I don't really have the books for it. But I try anyway!

To codify the joke:

  • final bosses: B, C, N, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca, Fe, Cu, As, Br, Ag, Sn, I, W, Pt, Au, Hg, Pb
  • significant side quests: H, He (basically, old FAs)
  • mid-level bosses: all the other natural elements (Ga, Sr, lanthanides [Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Ho, Er], Ra)
  • a few side quests: some of the old transition metal GAs (and Tl) that haven't aged well
  • easy kills: transactinides [Db, Sg]

but who would dare to take on Au outside a raid?Au is not as difficult as it seems, even though more difficult than most metals--R8R (talk)that's very nice of you to say, it motivates me! and how should we do justice to C, when we are not writing a book?Whoever is to write it, they'll have to sort out the information and leave only the most important facts in. As simple as that :) how would you write an annotation to an interesting book?--R8R (talk) (Even one doorstopper-sized book would not be enough!)

I also wanted to FA lithium and beryllium too. They're both such wonderful light metals. But you can't use them structurally like their diagonal-relationship buddies magnesium and aluminium, because lithium will react with water and beryllium will unfortunately kill you. They are also so cool with the 2s shell right over the tiny and tightly bound 1s shell!

I must get back to Ra at some point. It's like Th, U, Np, and Pu in how much its history expands and becomes something much greater among radioactives, even though its chemistry is boring Ra2+ only!

Actually, come to think of it, I have only ever done metals. Why don't I do a halogen? Iodine maybe for the pretty colour I like? (I mean, it was our worst group when we started with not a single good article, and now half of it is FAs – but two are for weirdo elements, At and 117, that are not priorities.)

Special:PrefixIndex/User:Double sharp is essentially my deadline-less desk and Wikipedia filing cabinet. I have not cleared it in a while, and most of its contents may not actually be that useful, except perhaps for setting the record for oldest stale userspace drafts.

If you are still here, and interested in working on the elements, User:R8R Gtrs/Elements is a must read.

P.S. Oh, BTW, unless you are writing about an element that you really know a lot about (I promise, this probably does not include all of them), you should probably save the lede for last, when you actually know enough to write a summary! ...I should write something about when userspace-working may be better... but at least, plan the structure first, so that when you write, you know where you are, what you have done, and what is going to be said next...

P.P.S. Since this has been asked before: yes, I don't mind at all if you edit my userpage to correct grammar or spelling. But I'd prefer that I take most of the blame for what I write here! (^_^)

Wikipedia:WikiProject Elements/Links

Radioactive elements in order of decreasing half-life:

  • 1019 a: Bi
  • 1018 a:
  • 1017 a:
  • 1016 a:
  • 1015 a:
  • 1014 a:
  • 1013 a:
  • 1012 a:
  • 1011 a:
  • 1010 a: Th
  • 109 a: U
  • 108 a:
  • 107 a: Pu, Cm
  • 106 a: Tc, Np
  • 105 a: Pa
  • 104 a: Am, Ra, Bk
  • 103 a: Cf, Po
  • 102 a: Ac, Pm
  • 101 a: Es
  • Months: Fm, Md
  • Days: Rn, Db
  • Hours: Lr, At, Rf
  • Minutes: No, Fr, Cn, Bh, Ds, Sg, Rg, Fl, Hs
  • Seconds: Nh, Mt
  • Milliseconds: Mc, Ts, Lv
  • Microseconds: Og