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Old Glory sf46 is proud to be an American
Great State of Louisiana sf46 lives in Louisiana
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For your excellent contributions on Confederate military articles! Octane [improve me] 15.01.08 0333 (UTC)
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I hereby award you the editor's barnstar for your invaluable contributions to wikipedia, and your steadfast devotion to protect the lives of the unborn and born.

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(sf46 Found the hidden page)
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Is a huge fan of LSU Tigers football

Has been here on Wikipedia since 2006.

Main interests include history, U.S. and world politics, geography, military science, and sports.


Air Miles
United States of America Mexico Oh, Canada! The Azores Great Britain Germany Italy Kingdom of Jordan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Republic of Turkey Dixie
Great State of Louisiana Acadiana God Bless Texas Mississippi Burning Arkansas Sweet Home Alabama Florida Georgia on my Mind Rocky Top Tennessee North Carolina Missouri
Oklahoma Commonwealth of Virginia Delaware Pennsylvania South Carolina Bleeding Kansas Colorado Rocky Mountain High Arizona Nevada People's Republik of Kalifornia Washington
Idaho Montana Maryland, My Maryland The Garden State The Empire State Nex Mexico Utah Washington, D.C. British Columbia Quebec Newfoundland

Routes traveled[edit]

Type Routes
U.S. interstate highways I-4.svg I-10.svg I-12.svg I-15.svg I-20.svg I-35.svg I-40.svg I-44.svg I-45.svg I-49.svg I-55.svg I-75.svg I-90.svg I-110.svg I-210.svg I-220.svg I-235.svg I-240.svgI-310.svg I-510.svg I-610.svg I-635.svg I-910.svg
Parkways and turnpikes JeffersonHighwayMarker.jpg Texas Beltway 8.svg Hardy Toll Road.svg File:PresBushTurnpike.jpg Florida's Turnpike shield.png
U.S. highways US 1.svg US 11.svg US 27.svg US 41.svgUS 51.svg US 59.svg US 61.svg US 65.svg US 66 (historic).svg US 70.svg US 71.svg US 77.svg US 80.svg US 90.svg US 93.svg US 95.svg US 98.svgUS 167.svg US 190.svg US 270.svg
State highways Alabama 16.svg Alabama 59.svg Alabama 180.svg Alabama 182.svg Florida A1A.svg Florida 8.svg Toll Florida 91.svg Florida 292.svg Louisiana 1.svg Louisiana 2.svg Louisiana 6.svg Louisiana 8.svg Louisiana 10.svg Louisiana 15.svg Louisiana 16.svg Louisiana 19.svg Louisiana 20.svg Louisiana 22.svg Louisiana 29.svg Louisiana 30.svg Louisiana 37.svg Louisiana 42.svg Louisiana 44.svg Louisiana 64.svg Louisiana 69.svg Louisiana 73.svg Louisiana 76.svg Louisiana 77.svg Louisiana 78.svg Louisiana 81.svg Louisiana 103.svg Louisiana 105.svg Louisiana 167.svg Louisiana 182.svg Louisiana 327.svg Louisiana 411.svg Louisiana 413.svg Louisiana 414.svg Louisiana 415.svg Louisiana 416.svg Louisiana 417.svg Louisiana 418.svg Louisiana 419.svg Louisiana 420.svg Louisiana 427.svg Louisiana 620.svg Louisiana 948.svgLouisiana 970.svg Louisiana 971.svg Louisiana 972.svg Louisiana 973.svg Louisiana 975.svg Louisiana 976.svg Louisiana 977.svg Louisiana 978.svg Louisiana 979.svg Louisiana 981.svg Louisiana 982.svg Louisiana 983.svg Louisiana 984.svg Louisiana 985.svg Louisiana 986.svg Louisiana 987-1.svg Louisiana 987-2.svg Louisiana 987-3.svg Louisiana 988.svg Louisiana 989-1.svg Louisiana 989-2.svg Louisiana 1145.svg Louisiana 1148.svg Louisiana 1248.svg Louisiana 3000.svg Louisiana 3034.svg Louisiana 3045.svg Louisiana 3050.svg Louisiana 3064.svg Louisiana 3091.svg Louisiana 3131.svg Louisiana 3177.svg Louisiana 3190.svg Louisiana 3237.svg Louisiana 3245.svg Louisiana 3246.svg Mississippi Highway 16Oklahoma State Highway 9.svg Oklahoma State Highway 66.svg Oklahoma State Highway 74A.svg Texas FM 1663.svg Texas FM 1960.svg Texas FM 3005.svg Texas 87.svg Texas 124.svg Texas 161.svg Texas 190.svg

Major contributions[edit]

Barnstars Created[edit]

Rhodesian Barnstar of National Merit
LSU Barnstar

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