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My sole purpose here is to help. If I can assist you in any way, leave me a note on my talk page! These days I stick mostly to routine administrative work, but I'm happy to help out in any area of the encyclopedia. X

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Protection reduction initiative[edit]

There are many articles on Wikipedia that have been indefinitely semi-protected for many years, many since before pending changes was even implemented, with many perhaps destined to never see unregistered editing again. Wikipedia is traditionally the encyclopedia "that anyone can edit", and while long term semi-protection may in fact be warranted in some of these cases, it is also very likely that indefinite prohibition of non-autoconfirmed editing is not only no longer necessary, but is preventing potential improvement to some of our articles. I encourage other administrators to join me in taking the moderate step of reducing long-term indefinite semi-protections to indefinite pending changes protection, with the goal of reassessing the need for indefinite semi-protections after years without review, and ultimately unprotecting if it proves to be feasible. This initiative will hopefully reopen the gates to Wikipedia in a way that will continue to protect our articles.

While personal monitoring is not necessarily required for an admin to partake in this initiative, I will keep track of any articles for which I reduce protection, so that I can monitor the success of pending changes for the articles individually, and for this initiative as a whole. I will also document the current protection status of these articles, they result in semi-protection again or unprotected. I invite any users to suggest articles for protection reduction on my talk page.

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