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I live in Helsinki and write about wars and battles throughout world history. My ancestry is half Turkish, on my father's side, and half Finnish, on my mother's side. I was raised a Muslim, but my current religious views lean toward agnosticism. Turkey, Mongolia, Mexico, the United States, China, France, Japan, and Russia are some of the places I have visited.

Project Mongol Conquest[edit]

  • To do: Promote all Mongol conquest articles to FA or GA status.
  • Status: 2/15

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European military history[edit]
1945 - Battle for Castle Itter Symbol question.svg on 26 July 2013 (and one of the top 15 most viewed articles in DYK history with 42,120 views in one day)
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Central Asian military history[edit]
Mongol siege of Kaifeng Symbol support vote.svg on 22 December 2013
Mongol siege of Caizhou Symbol question.svg on 29 December 2013
Turks in the Tang military Symbol question.svg on 30 July 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 8 August 2013
640-657 - Tang campaigns against the Western Turks Symbol question.svg on 19 July 2013
640 - Tang campaign against Karakhoja Symbol question.svg on 20 July 2013
644 and 648 - Tang campaigns against Karasahr Symbol question.svg on 4 July 2013
648 - Tang campaign against Kucha Symbol question.svg on 30 June 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 24 July 2013
657 - Conquest of the Western Turks Symbol question.svg on 5 July 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 7 July 2013
East Asian military history[edit]
2nd century BC - Southward expansion of the Han Dynasty‎ Symbol question.svg on 6 July 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 16 July 2013
138 BC and 111 BC - Han campaigns against Minyue Symbol question.svg on 9 July 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 17 December 2013
109 BC - Han campaigns against Dian Symbol question.svg on 10 July 2013
1125-13th century - Jin campaigns against the Song Dynasty Symbol question.svg on 4 August 2013 Symbol support vote.svg on 1 September 2013 Cscr-featured.svg on 14 January 2014
1125-13th century - Timeline of the Jin campaigns against the Song Dynasty Symbol question.svg on 17 August 2013 Cscr-featured.svg on 15 September 2013
1510 - Prince of Anhua Rebellion Symbol question.svg on 24 June 2013
1519 - Prince of Ning Rebellion Symbol question.svg on 25 June 2013

Will work on:[edit]

To do:[edit]

Create an article for every battle, war, or military campaign ever fought during the Mongol conquests, Turkic conquests, Manchu conquests, and pre-Modern East and Central Asia.

With a little help from my friends:[edit]

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Chinese military conflicts
Thank you for quality articles on Chinese history, such as Qin Dynasty, especially historic military conflicts and their people, such as Prince of Anhua rebellion, and for competent helpful reviews, - you are an awesome Wikipedian!--Gerda Arendt (talk) 07:32, 13 July 2013 (UTC)