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Puppeter template.svg This username is an alternative account of WWB.
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This is a secondary account used by the editor User:WWB (hey, that's me too) and exists solely for the purpose of contributing to articles with which I may have a potential conflict of interest. In the past I had done the same using a now-retired account, User:NMS Bill, for participation on articles involving clients of my then-employer. Now as then, I wish to create a clear distinction between editing activity subject to COI and editing activity not; hence this account's creation.

When using this account, I will be sure to make note of any potential conflicts on Talk pages where I may become involved. And as I have frequently stated when providing disclosure: if you have any questions about my editing activities, please leave me a message on my User Talk page. I am proud of the work I do and intend that my contributions always make Wikipedia better.

As of any time when you may be reading this, three editors with whom I work on Wikipedia projects are User:16912 Rhiannon, User:ChrisPond and User:Morzabeth. I am knowledgeable about the off-wiki work that goes into new and improved articles and encyclopedic language which they may propose, however their on-wiki outreach and discussions are entirely their own.

One more note, just for fun: The name is meant to imply first that it is the secondary account of WWB. Second, it makes reference to the playfully-named Washington Square Too annex of the Washington Square mall in Tigard, Oregon.