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20 Dec. re my article on Bradt now awaiting its second review.

Re my CoI: Paul Bradt is (was) my uncle which I know is CoI. I am not a rock climber nor do I have any association with the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club or its Mountaineering Section (PATC-MS). Paul Bradt has been deceased 35 years now. In the 1940s when I was in high school in Washington DC, I did go climbing with the group several times, but have never climbed since. I have lived in Massachusetts most of my adult life.

Notability: Paul Bradt was one of the very few pioneers of rock climbing in the Washington DC area (VA, MD, WV). He is consistently mentioned in books on climbing in the DC area and in one on the Tetons for pioneering climbs. The WP article on Seneca Rocks is an example. According to reliable first-person accounts, he was a primary force in developing interest in the DC area, recruiting people to the sport, leading climbs of new peaks or routes, in using rock climbing techniques for caving, and in the founding of the PATC-MS. The latter is given credence by his being the chair of the PATC-MS for its first five or so years.

Paul Bradt was a modest self-effacing guy who would go out of his way to avoid self publicity and the record shows it. I have referenced his notability as best I can with what is available. If WP wishes to cover the notables in the field of rock climbing – now a major sport in the USA – Paul Bradt's bio should be included. Others from that era should also be included, e.g., Donald Hubbard, Herb and Jan Conn, Arnold Wexler, Gustave Gambs.

Since the first review of my article, I have found a couple more independent sources and have rewritten the first sentences to clarify his notability. I submit that the referenced articles by Kastning and Post are secondary sources even though both articles were published by rock climbing or speleological groups. The one by Conn is clearly primary - but that's the best I can do. Thank you Hale Bradt Hbradt (talk) 16:32, 20 December 2013 (UTC)

Later: I did some more revising to make PB's notability more evident, I hope. I also rearranged the references a bit. Hbradt (talk) 01:50, 19 December 2013 (UTC)

Re: my article on Paul Jay Bradt .

I have added several new secondary sources and deleted some or all primary ones. I hope that satisfies.

Paul Bradt was the recognized pioneer and founder of the Washington area climbers' club. That and his pioneering climbing and caving exploits strike me as being sufficiently "notable" for WP. I wrote this article because it was requested by WP editors on the "Paul Bradt (rock climber)" page linked to "Seneca Rocks."

I need advice on the title. I propose naming it "Paul Bradt (rock climber)" as it is on that non-article page. He was always known simply as "Paul Bradt.". I included his middle name in the beginning of the article to prevent any confusion with other Paul Bradts (of which there a few). Please advise on standard WP practice - or effect it yourself. I do not know how to assign a title.

Is this where I should indicate my CoI (He is (was) my uncle.)? If so, consider it done.

Thank you all; I can see the handiwork of those who have already made improvements. (Though I think combining my first paragraphs into a single huge one was not an improvement, logical yes, but at the cost of readability.) Would you advise I change it back? I don't feel strongly either way.

Hbradt (talk) 03:42, 18 December 2013 (UTC)


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some more help for a new(ish) editor[edit]

Hello Hbradt,

I've given you an official welcome, it has some very useful links in that message, but I wanted to specifically address some of the points you brought up at Talk:Paul Bradt.

First, you are absolutely right, you didn't see a talk page when you were creating the article. It was created at the Articles for Creation area, and as such it doesn't have it's own talk page when it is in this process. Now that the page is in the Wikipedia Mainspace (where the general public and Google, etc. can see it) there is a talk page associated with the article, where discussions about article improvement take place.

Don't worry about notability - it is firmly established in my estimation. The goal, when I work at Articles for Creation, is that any article I pass survive a nomination to Articles for Deletion, and I am very confident in the article you created.

You express reluctance to edit the articles of others. Please don't be. For one, nobody owns articles here. Second, one of the main policies of Wikipedia is to be bold! The beauty of a wiki is that anything can be undone, you really can't permanently break it. The only caution I have is that single-purpose accounts aren't looked on with great favor here, necessarily.

To "promote an article" is a term used at Articles for Creation. That means it is moved from this creation area into the mainspace, where it becomes an "official" encyclopedia entry. This is what I did when I moved it. It is already done, congratulations, you have written an encyclopedia article!

You have mentioned your potential Conflict of Interest both on your talk page and on the article page. That is more than sufficient, I would not worry about it further.

Regarding talk page messages, in general the conversation goes from oldest at the top, to newest at the bottom, but by threads, so that you don't reply to someone else's comments several lines down, with irrelevant conversations between them. If you can't find where a particular comment was left, check the "History" of any page, and you can see exactly what changes were made, when, and by whom.

I'm sorry you found your first experience a bit frustrating. I would never recommend that a new wikipedian start their experience by writing an article. But, of course, that is exactly what I did when I started. Your first article is a lot better than mine was!

All the best, 78.26 (I'm no IP, talk to me!) 06:23, 23 December 2013 (UTC)

To 78.26 Thank you for your encouraging note. After a few days, the labor will not seem so great and I might try another. I have already linked the Seneca article to it. My inclination would be to go into a few others in order to create material that could be linked to Paul Bradt. I will learn about categories soon in order to add some. Thank you for making this happen. Hbradt (talk) 22:12, 24 December 2013 (UTC)

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