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Welcome to my talk page! ToastyMallows (talk) 15:13, 17 August 2012 (UTC)


Hello, how are you?; I just wanted to know the reason why you think the "Critical Reception" section has a problem with neutrality. Also it would be helpful if you could let me know how we can fix it. If you think this dispute needs more discussion, you can start a section in the article talk page. Have a good day and reply back. Thanks, Krzna (talk) 18:40, 14 August 2012 (UTC)

yea, i get it now. Thanks for answering. - Krzna (talk) 18:53, 14 August 2012 (UTC)

Endiandra muelleri bracteata[edit]

If a page needs to be moved to a new title then the move tool should always be used. Copying and pasting the content (which is what someone did here) destroys the edit history, which we need to keep for legal reasons. Hut 8.5 19:35, 14 August 2012 (UTC)

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I'll do that next time. ToastyMallows (talk) 19:36, 14 August 2012 (UTC)


KuyaBriBriTalk 21:37, 14 August 2012 (UTC)

Liquid foundation[edit]

Hey mate, please be more careful with speedy deletion tags, as that article did not qualify for A3. And I'm not telling you this because I love pointless bureaucracy; the article's author is a new editor (you can tell since they have few edits), and I'm sure you can imagine the effect seeing a giant red sticker with the words "no content whatsoever" on an article they took the time to write might have. Looking at your own contribution history I understand that you are relatively new yourself, so I'm trying to be nice about it, but please do bear it in mind, as we lose a lot of new editors this way. Best, It Is Me Here t / c 15:28, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

Faultless Starch[edit]

There's nothing necessarily wrong with recreating a deleted page, provided the recreated version doesn't qualify for deletion for the same reason. (If it does, the page will just get deleted again.) However it looks like the creator tried to get around the copyright issue by changing the occasional word, which isn't good enough (see Wikipedia:Close paraphrasing). I've removed the offending text and I'll leave them a message about it. Hut 8.5 20:06, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for responding, this was my thought process exactly. ToastyMallows (talk) 20:07, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin[edit]

I look at the notable section at the Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin and the various articles and came to the conclusion that it was not clear if the individuals where from Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. I therefore acting in good faith removed the notable section. Thank you-RFD (talk) 20:28, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

One Way Street (song)[edit]

Why did you tag One Way Street (song) as {{disputed}}? There is no evidence of any dispute on the page, and you did not explain in an edit note or on the talk page. Please do not scatter tags around articles in this unhelpful way. I have removed the tag. PamD 08:08, 16 August 2012 (UTC)

Nabil Salameh[edit]

I have seen you "Added tags to the page using PageTriage" and I want to thank you for your contribution. I created the "Nabil Salameh" entry myself some time ago and tried to insert references to the related info's for as much as I could. I can see now the page is marked with the upper note "This biographical article needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (August 2012)" which was not appearing before. I am of course sure the info's I inserted are real... Apart from looking for more references in the net, can you give me more advise, please, and tell me if I can remove that note in the meantime? Thank you. IolandaF (talk) 14:53, 20 August 2012 (UTC) 20 Aug 2012, IolandaF

WikiProject Wikify: November Newsletter and December Drive[edit]

Delivered by EdwardsBot (talk) on behalf of WikiProject Wikify, 22:28, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

January 2013[edit]

Hello, I'm Happysailor. I noticed that you recently removed some content from Huang Zongxi without explaining why. In the future, it would be helpful to others if you described your changes to Wikipedia with an edit summary. If this was a mistake, don't worry, the removed content has been restored. If you think I made a mistake, or if you have any questions, you can leave me a message on my talk page. Thanks, - Happysailor (Talk) 17:58, 31 January 2013 (UTC)

I didn't remove it, the user below my revision did and then you undid my revision. ToastyMallows (talk) 18:04, 31 January 2013 (UTC)
Oops, sorry about that, usually it tells me if someone else is reverting it and cancels my action - Happysailor (Talk) 18:08, 31 January 2013 (UTC)

February 2013 Wikification Drive[edit]

Hi there! I thought you might be interested in WikiProject Wikify's February Wikification Backlog Elimination Drive. We'll be trying to reduce the backlog size by over 500 articles and we need your help! Hard-working participants in the drive will receive awards for their contributions. If you have a spare moment, please join and wikify an article or tell your friends. Thanks!

Speedy deletion nomination[edit]

Hi, I noticed that you flagged my article about Automation Machine for Hosted Desktops for speedy deletion. Could you please elaborate on that? There are many product pages on Wikipedia, and we tried to write our article in a factual way.


Mirjam84 (talk) 09:08, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

Mirjam84, I nominated your article for speedy deletion on the grounds of WP:NOTFORPROMOTION, mainly meaning that your article would have needed a significant rewrite to become encyclopedic. Yes, there are many encyclopedia pages for products, but it is just that, for products. Not to advertise or market for a product. Feel free to try and rewrite and resubmit your article. Use these product pages as a template: CCleaner, BleachBit, TeraCopy ToastyMallows (talk) 13:26, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

contested deletion[edit]

i believe bradley garcia is a person worth knowing. i am an atheist and come from cleveland. i believe in freedom of speech so anyone can share info. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Awesome2199 (talkcontribs) 13:08, 13 March 2013 (UTC)

I nominated your article for speedy deletion because I could not find any sources to back up any of your claims. Furthermore, your article did not meet, WP:NOTE. ToastyMallows (talk) 13:23, 13 March 2013 (UTC)


Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, ToastyMallows. You have new messages at WP:VPT.
Message added 06:20, 14 March 2013 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

Ushau97 talk contribs 06:20, 14 March 2013 (UTC)

Speedy deletion nomination[edit]

Hello. You flagged my article about Avalon (Finnish band) for speedy deletion. I edited the article adding references and categories. Please check it again and explain your reasons, in case you don't approve, as I don't understand the reasons for flagging the article.

Thanks (Mpaoxi (talk) 19:03, 15 March 2013 (UTC))

I apologize. After the article is flagged, it can only be removed by an administrator, which I am not. After reading your additional sources and looking more into it, I was wrong for tagging it. Understand that I see multiple pages a day that do fit that criteria for a speedy deletion. Accept my apology as an AGF. ToastyMallows (talk) 23:20, 15 March 2013 (UTC)

Another Speedy deletion nomination[edit]

Thanks for deleting the page I created. It was a work in progress. Might as well just delete all of Wikipedia while you're at it. I mean, does ANYTHING have significance? If you say it doesn't then just chuck in the trash. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sistertwisted (talkcontribs) 22:12, 15 March 2013 (UTC)

I only tagged the article, I didn't delete it. An admin agreed with my tag. Please consider that I review multiple new pages a day. As I do understand it was a work in progress, you should read up on WP:N, as your page did not meet the criteria for notability. Please also see Wikipedia:CSD#A7. Just because you have a page on IMDb, does not make your movie notable. ToastyMallows (talk) 23:21, 15 March 2013 (UTC)

Scharoun Ensemble[edit]

Why did you "unreview this? Apparently you marked it reviewed again a few seconds later. BTW, the tag that you placed on the article is wrong. There is a source (albeit not an independent one), but for a mere stub that is not really a problem, as this seems to be notable enough for inclusion. --Randykitty (talk) 14:11, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

I felt it needed another look by someone, wasn't sure if it was notable. I went ahead and changed the tag to 'needs more references'. I apologize for the confusion. ToastyMallows (talk) 14:15, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

Camp Scottsbluff[edit]

This page--Camp Scottsbluff, or Talk About Camp Scottsbluff--should not be speedily deleted because... My only reason for posting the information is that when I came across the listing about Camp Scottsbluff, it said no information was available. So I wrote what I knew from personal experience with, and at, the camp. While it definitely wasn't filled with specific facts, I thought what I wrote was better than nothing, might be of interest, and might even help someone else in doing further research.Stan Delahoyde (talk) 17:21, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

Articles shouldn't be based solely on personal experience and non-specific information that may or may not be true. Feel free to try and find some more sources and secondary sources to try and resubmit your article. Please don't include first hand experience/slander/hearsay/etc. Please see any correctly cited article for more information on how to write a good article, or read WP:FIRST. ToastyMallows (talk) 18:33, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

About Article GO!radiorock[edit]

Hello Buddy, how are you? can you please help us to adequate our article to the wikipedia guidelines? we are working hard on these days looking for external references, to prove our notability. thank you again. all critics and sugestions are very well appreciated. # Alexorbit (talk) 19:33, 21 March 2013 (UTC)

Not really sure what you're asking here. You want me to look for references for you? ToastyMallows (talk) 20:10, 21 March 2013 (UTC)

Sam Vaghar[edit]

This page that you added the tags to is actually a copyvio, however the page creator keeps removing the CSD:G12 tag. Valenciano (talk) 19:05, 26 March 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up, I put it on my watchlist. ToastyMallows (talk) 19:06, 26 March 2013 (UTC)

Francis Rodino wiki page[edit]

Hi, I'm Francis Rodino. I attempted to delete my own wikipedia page as it's full of inaccurate info and private content I do not want to be public. Can you please advise on how I can get the page deleted completely? Thanks, Francis

This is not a valid reason for deletion. Anything that is inaccurate or without a source should be removed immediately. See WP:BLP. ToastyMallows (talk) 18:16, 28 March 2013 (UTC)


You can now use AWB. INeverCry 00:55, 30 March 2013 (UTC)

Francis rodino is not a muician[edit]

please see - francis rodino is not a musician. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:42, 31 March 2013 (UTC)

I don't know why people keep messaging me about this page, all I did was add some tags to it to clean it up. If he's not a musician, then change the page and back it up with sources. ToastyMallows (talk) 12:31, 31 March 2013 (UTC)

WikiProject Wikify April Drive[edit]

Hi there! I thought you might be interested in WikiProject Wikify's April Wikification Backlog Elimination Drive. We'll be trying to reduce the backlog size by over 500 articles and we need your help! Hard-working participants in the drive will receive awards for their contributions. If you have a spare moment, please join and wikify an article or tell your friends. Thanks!

-- Message delivered by EdwardsBot (talk) 21:59, 31 March 2013 (UTC) on behalf of WikiProject Wikify.

Egypt's Sarcasm Society[edit]

Please check the talk page of Egypt's Sarcasm Society I've made a major edit and added secondary resources, it shouldn't be deleted now :) The Greatest Director (talk) 03:29, 7 April 2013 (UTC)

John Bielenberg[edit]

Hi Toasty Mallows, I'm a new editor on wikipedia. I addressed some of the issues for the John Bielenberg article:

  • This article is an orphan, as no other articles link to it. (March 2013)

How can i ask for help to improve the article? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Vibhabamba (talkcontribs) 20:02, 9 April 2013 (UTC)

Vibhabamba, thanks for asking. Basically, this page needs to have at least one link from another Wikipedia page. User pages, talk pages and disambiguation pages don't count. For more extensive information, please see WP:ORPHAN. Keep in mind this is not a serious issue, but one that will eventually need to be resolved. Also, in the future, please sign your comments with 4 tilde marks, see Wikipedia:Tips/How_to_sign_comments ToastyMallows (talk) 20:14, 9 April 2013 (UTC)

October 2013 Wikification Drive[edit]

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WikiProject Wikify: November Newsletter and December Drive[edit]

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Request for comment[edit]

Hello ToastyMallows, I'm here onbehalf of WP:ORPHAN in which you are also a participant. So, we want your opinion to a WP:ORPHAN related matter. It is a proposal by Technical 13. Please have a look here. Your opinion (i.e support, oppose etc) are very much appreciated there. Thank you. By Jim Cartar through MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 03:02, 6 April 2014 (UTC)

Backlog drive[edit]

Wiki letter w.svg

Hello ToastyMallows,

WikiProject Orphanage is holding a month long Backlog Elimination Drive to de-orphan articles which have orphan tags!
The goal is to eliminate the backlog of orphan articles. There are currently 141888 articles which have orphan tags. The drive is running from April 12, 2014 to May 12, 2014.

Awards will be given out for all editors participating in the drive in the form of barnstars at the end of the drive. To add your name in the participants list click here.
So start de-orphaning articles! Click here to see the list of articles need de-orphaning.
Visit Suggestions for how to de-orphan an article to know more!

Thanks. Opt-out Instructions by Jim Cartar on behalf of WikiProject Orphanage through MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 15:21, 11 April 2014 (UTC)

October 2014 Wikification Drive[edit]

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February 2015 Wikification drive[edit]

Greetings! Just spreading a message to the members of WikiProject Wikify that the February drive has been started. Better late than never! Come on, sign up! :) Grinding, grinding, grinding... what are we finding, finding, finding... (talk) 00:03, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Happy Valentine's Day!!![edit]

Happy Valentine's Day, to you and yours! Cheers, Grinding, grinding, grinding... what are we finding, finding, finding... (talk) 23:59, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

April 2015 Wikification drive.[edit]

Greetings! Just spreading a message to the members of WikiProject Wikify that the April drive has been started. Come on, sign up! :) One hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard... and the feet can do the rest! Hee-hee! (talk) 03:59, 2 April 2015 (UTC)

Happy Easter![edit]

All the best! "Carry me down, carry me down; carry me down into the wiki!" (talk) 00:51, 6 April 2015 (UTC)

deOrphaning script[edit]

Hello everyone! I was just working on responding to a couple bug reports for a script that I worked up as part of a request from this project, and I noticed that only a couple people (who weren't even on this mailing list) are actually using the script. A little history on the script: In March of 2014, Jim Cartar came to my user talk page and said he needed some help in acquiring a script for a backlog drive that he was working on that could keep track of and score deOrphanings for a scored backlog drive. I took that request to the project's talk page (BackLog Drive "DO" (De-Orphaning) script proposal) and there was near unanimous support for this. I thought about the proposal and decided the best way to do it was to build a new script (which is still no where near as comprehensive as Manishearth's OrphanTabs) and build into it a mechanism that will make BLD scoring easy.

What I'm wondering at this point is, since there appears to be only two people using the script, should I continue to develop this script with a goal of using it for scoring BLDs or just debug the existing script and leave it at that. Thanks for any replies or comments.

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June 2015 Wikification drive.[edit]

Greetings! Just spreading a message to the members of WikiProject Wikify that the June drive has been started. Come on, sign up! :) "A wiki of beauty is a joy forever." Seriously. That's how long it'd take to read! (talk) 05:02, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

ArbCom elections are now open![edit]

You appear to be eligible to vote in the current Arbitration Committee election. The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to enact binding solutions for disputes between editors, primarily related to serious behavioural issues that the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the ability to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail. If you wish to participate, you are welcome to review the candidates' statements and submit your choices on the voting page. For the Election committee, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 13:47, 23 November 2015 (UTC)