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VancouFur Logo.png
VenueExecutive Airport Plaza Hotel (Executive Inn and Conference Center, 2012–2015)
Location(s)Richmond, British Columbia
Most recent2019

VancouFur is an annual furry convention held in Richmond, British Columbia, celebrating the genre of anthropomorphic art and literature. VancouFur is the first such convention to be held on the west coast of Canada.[1][2] Beginning in 2012 with attendance of 347 individuals, the convention has since grown, with over 1000 attendees in 2018, the most recent iteration.[1][3]

The 2016 iteration is known for its attendees' interactions with Syrian refugees staying in the same hotel.


Syrian refugees[edit]

Unexpectedly, the hotel chosen for the 2016 Vancoufur convention was pressed into service at the same time to temporarily house some of the Syrian refugees who had recently been admitted to Canada. This prompted the convention organizers to circulate a notice to attendees asking them to be sensitive to the needs of the traumatized refugees, and bear in mind that they "will likely not want to interact with you and consent is important for everyone." However, despite initial concerns of a potential culture shock, many of the refugees, especially children, enjoyed interacting with fursuiters at the convention, sparking international media attention.[4][5][6]

Attendance by year[edit]

Convention year Attendance Percentage change Fursuiters in fursuit parade Percentage change
VancouFur 2012 347 - 73 -
VancouFur 2013 483 39.2% 78 6.8%
VancouFur 2014 602 24.7% 123 57.7%
VancouFur 2015 724 20.3% 141 14.6%
VancouFur 2016 810 11.9% 171 21.3%
VancouFur 2017 941 11.9% 205 21.3%
VancouFur 2018 1012 7.5% 186 -9.3%
VancouFur 2019 1121 10.8% 204 9.7%



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