Vantage (cigarette)

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Vantage Filters (Full Flavour).jpg
An old American pack of Vantage cigarettes
Product type Cigarette
Produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Country United States

Vantage is a brand of American cigarettes manufactured by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. It received its biggest advertising push in the 1970s and '80s but is now categorized as a 'non-support' brand; though R.J. Reynolds will not provide marketing support for Vantage, the company will maintain the brand's distribution where there is consumer demand.

Vantage is notable for its innovative filter design. Rather than featuring a solid filter like most cigarette brands, Vantage's filter features a conical hole in its center. While seemingly as mysterious as Parliament's recessed filter, Vantage advertising from 1977 states that the reasoning behind the design is to give "smokers the flavor of a full-flavor cigarette without anywhere near the 'tar' or nicotine".

Vantage's current-day profile is rather low, but the brand pops up every so often. In the film "Junebug", it is the brand smoked by Peg Johnsten, the mother-in-law of Amy Adams' character, Ashley. It is featured as the heroine's cigarette of choice in Lorrie Moore's short story "Willing" in her collection Birds of America and is seen being stubbed out by a minor character in Donna Tartt's bestselling The Secret History. Similarly, the final punch line of the film Reversal of Fortune comes as Jeremy Irons's Klaus von Bulow purchases "two packs Vantage" at a drug store. Bette Davis, who was well known for her smoking habit, changed her preferred cigarette from Lucky Strike to Vantage in the later years of her life. In chapter 103 of Forever by Pete Hamill, Cormac O'Connor purchases a pack of Vantage, ending nine days of not smoking.

According to the 1984 biography "Wired" by Bob Woodward, John Belushi was a smoker of Vantage cigarettes.

Frank Gorshin smoked up to three packs per day in 2001; he was given 130 packs as a gift by the Don and Mike Show.