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Vector may refer to:

Mathematics and physics[edit]

Computer science[edit]

  • A one-dimensional array
  • Vector (C++), a type in the C++ Standard Template Library referring to a sequence container
  • Vector clock, an algorithm for generating a partial ordering of events in a distributed system and detecting causality violations
  • Attack vector, the particular approach used, or vulnerability exploited, in order to penetrate a computer system's security or propagate malicious software
  • Distance-vector routing protocol, a class of routing protocols used in packet-switched networks for computer communications
  • Dope vector, a data structure used to store information about an array
  • Feature vector, in pattern recognition and machine learning, an n-dimensional vector of numerical features that represent some object
  • Initialization vector, used in cryptography
  • Interrupt vector, the location in memory of an interrupt handling routine
  • Vector game, refers to any video game that uses a vector graphics display
  • Vector monitor, a display device used for early computers
  • Vector processor, a computer processor which works on arrays of several numbers at once
  • Vector graphics, images defined by geometric primitives as opposed to bitmaps
  • Vector space model, an algebraic model for representing text documents - used in information filtering, information retrieval, indexing and relevancy rankings


  • Vector (epidemiology), an organism (often an invertebrate arthropod) that transmits a pathogen from reservoir to host
  • Vector (molecular biology), vehicle used to transfer genetic material to a target cell, such as:
  • Dispersal vector, an organism that carries and disperses reproductive structures (e.g., seeds, spores, or pollen) of a different species.
    • Pollinator, the biotic agent (vector) that moves pollen from the male anthers of a flower to the female stigma of a flower to accomplish fertilization
  • VECTOR, a biological research center in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia


  • Vector Capital, a US-based private equity investment firm founded in 1997
  • Vector Informatik, a software tool and components provider for development of embedded electronics
  • Vector Engineering, a company that specializes in the application of civil engineering, hydrogeology, geology, and geotechnical and geological engineering
  • Vector Graphic, an early manufacturer of 8-bit microcomputers
  • Vector Group, a publicly traded holding company run by Bennett S. LeBow
  • Vector Limited, a New Zealand gas and electricity supplier
  • Vector Marketing, a multi-level knife marketing company
  • Vector Motors, an automobile manufacturer
    • The Vector, an automobile prototype, basis of Vector W2
    • Vector M12, a vehicle designed by Vector Motors based on the Lamborghini Diablo
    • Vector W2, a concept car created by Vector Motors
    • Vector W8, a production car produced by Vector Motors
    • Vector WX-3, a prototype automobile created by Vector Motors in 1992
    • Vector SRV8, a prototype automobile created by Vector Motors in 1999
  • Vector Space Systems, an American space technology company
  • Vector (company), a telecommunications company based in Poland


Fictional characters and elements[edit]


  • Lift vector, an upwards force acting on aircraft
  • Thrust vectoring, the ability of an aircraft or other vehicle to direct the thrust from its main engine(s)


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