Vehicle registration plates of Uruguay

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New Uruguayan license plates

Uruguay requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates.

Departmental coding[edit]

Plates issued in each department begin with a one-letter code. These codes, used on the unique local issues of the past, have carried over to the current national series as part of the standard nationwide format.

Department or entity Code
Artigas Department G
Canelones Department A
Cerro Largo Department E
Colonia Department L
Durazno Department Q
Flores Department N
Florida Department O
Lavalleja Department P
Maldonado Department B
Montevideo Department[1] S
Paysandú Department I
Río Negro Department J
Rivera Department F
Rocha Department C
Salto Department H
San José Department M
Soriano Department K
Tacuarembó Department R
Treinta y Tres Department D
  1. ^ S also used on plates issued to vehicles owned by the government and several other plate types that are issued centrally.

Current series[edit]

Prior to the introduction of this series, plates issued in each department had a unique design, in many instances displaying only the name of the municipality, rather than that of the department or the country. The change echoes that made in Argentina in 1994 with the change to a national plate series displaying the nation's name rather than a more local designation.

Under the current plate series, a single serial number format of ABC 1234 (and ABC 123 for motorcycles) has been introduced for the entire country, with either the country name, the vehicle type, or both displayed on the plate. Now absent are department or municipality designations, except for the small official logos displayed on many plates, one between the letters and numbers indicating the department of registration and another in the lower right corner indicating the municipality of registration. Plates in the current series employ FE-Schrift for their serials.

Some older plates are still in use, but evidently they are being replaced with plates of the current series, as even many antique cars have plates from the current series.

Italicized letters indicate a departmental code; bold letters indicate a fixed type code that appears on all plates of a particular type:

Image Type Legend Serial format Design
English Spanish
Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg Passenger Particular URUGUAY ABC 1234 black on white
Uruguay motorcycle vehicle registration plate.jpg Motorcycle Motocicleta URUGUAY ABC
black on white
Uruguay official vehicle registration plate.jpg Official Oficial OFICIAL—URUGUAY SOF 1234 blue on white
Uruguay ambulance vehicle registration plate.jpg Ambulance Ambulancia URUGUAY AAM 1234 green on white; embossed cross in lower left corner
Uruguay doctor vehicle registration plate.jpg Doctor Médico URUGUAY AME 1234 green on white; embossed cross in lower left corner
Uruguay departmental assembly vehicle registration plate.jpg Departmental Assembly Edil Junta Departamental EDIL JUNTA DEPARTAMENTAL AED 1234 white on light blue; screened type designation
Uruguay president of departmental assembly vehicle registration plate.jpg President of Departmental Assembly Presidente de la Junta Departamental PRESIDENTE J. DEPARTAMENTAL APE 1
Diplomatic Diplomático URUGUAY SCD 1234 black on white
Diplomatic—Motorcycle Diplomático—Motocicleta URUGUAY SCD
black on white
Diplomatic—Consular Corps Diplomático—Cuerpo Consular URUGUAY SCC 1234 black on white
Diplomatic—Consular Corps—Motorcycle Diplomático—Cuerpo Consular—Motocicleta URUGUAY SCC
black on white
Government Gobierno URUGUAY SAB 1234 black on white
Government—unknown type ? URUGUAY SAB 1234 white on orange
International organization Organización internacional URUGUAY SOI 1234 black on white
National Representative Representante Nacional REPRESENTANTE NACIONAL ARN 1234 blue on white
Non-governmental organization Organización no gubernamental URUGUAY SNG 1234 black on white
Uruguay livery vehicle registration plate.jpg Livery Remise REMISE ARE 1234 black on yellow
Uruguay taxi license plate.jpg Taxi TAXI ATX 1234 black on yellow
Uruguay public transportation vehicle registration plate.jpg Public transportation Transporte colectivo URUGUAY ATC 1234 black on yellow
School Escolar ESCOLAR AES 1234 black on yellow
Uruguay tourist van vehicle registration plate.jpg Tourist van Turismo TURISMO—URUGUAY AMT 1234 black on yellow
Tourist bus Turismo TURISMO—URUGUAY ATU 1234 white on blue
Truck Carga CARGA URUGUAY ATP 1234 black on white
Uruguay vehicle registration plate rental motorcycle.jpg Rental motorcycle Motocicleta—Alquiler URUGUAY AAL
black on yellow
Uruguay rental car vehicle registration plate.jpg Rental vehicle Alquiler ALQUILER—URUGUAY AAL 1234 black on white

Previous series[edit]

While also issued by department with the same codes, these plates employ varying designs, with unique plate sizes and shapes, dies, and color schemes and may identify the municipality of registration rather than the department itself. Many plates featured a white and blue color scheme.

Italicized letters indicate a departmental code; bold letters indicate a fixed type code that appears on all plates of a particular type:

Image Location and/or type Serial format Design Legend(s)
Diplomatic CC 123? white on blue ?
National Navy of Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg National Navy 123 black on white; embossed anchor at center "ARMADA"
Uruguay fire truck vehicle registration plate.jpg

Uruguay fire public safety vehicle registration plate.jpg
Public safety/government MI 12-345
MI 123456
black on white or blue on white; variety of manufacturing stypes none
Artigas Uruguay license plate.jpg Artigas Department GA-1234 blue on white "ARTIGAS"; "ROU" debossed in embossed box at left
Canelones vehicle registration plate.jpg Canelones Department ABC 123
Canelones Official vehicle registration plate.jpg Caneloles Department—Official A 1234 white on blue "OFICIAL URUGUAY"
Melo, Cerro Largo Department, Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg Cerro Largo DepartmentMelo city EM-12345 black on white "CERRO LARGO" embossed at top; "ROU" embossed vertically at left; "MELO" embossed vertically at right; the small M below the hyphen also indicates the city
Colonia vehicle registration plate.jpg

Colonia Department vehicle registration plate.jpg
Colonia Department LA-1234 blue on white "COLONIA" debossed within embossed square that contains the "L"; "URUGUAY" at top. Some plates have a full-color seal, while others do not.
License Plate Uruguay Punta del Este.jpg Maldonado DepartmentPunta del Este city B 51-234
B 512-345
black on white "PUNTA DEL ESTE" at bottom; first number signifies city
San Carlos Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg Maldonado Department—San Carlos city B 212-345 black on white "SAN CARLOS" at bottom; first number signifies city
Fray Bentos vehicle registration plate.jpg Río Negro DepartmentFray Bentos city JAB 123 black on white "FRAY BENTOS" at top, "RIO NEGRO" in orange band at bottom
Salto Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg Salto Department HA 123 black on white; Salto logo at left "SALTO" at bottom
Soriano Uruguay vehicle registration plate.jpg Soriano Department K 12-3456 blue on white "SORIANO URUGUAY" at bottom