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Vikram University
विक्रम विश्वविद्यालय
VU Logo
Motto विद्या मृतम् श्रुते
Established 1957
Type Public
Chancellor Prof. S. S. Pandey
Academic staff
Students 10,000+
Location Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India
Campus Urban
Affiliations UGC

Vikram University (Hindi: विक्रम विश्वविद्यालय) is a university in the city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The university, which is named after the ruler Vikramaditya, was established in 1957. The foundation stone was laid by the then Home Minister of India Govind Vallabh Pant.


Vikram University was established in Ujjain on 1 March 1957. The foundation stone of Vikram University was laid by the then Home Minister of India Shri Govind Vallabh Pant on Tuesday, Kartika Krishnapaksha Chaturthi, Vikramabda 2013 i.e. on 23 October 1956. The function was presided over by the Rajpramukh of the Madhyabharat State Late Jiwajirao Scindia.

The new state of M.P. was formed in 1956 and Madhyabharat was merged into it. Thus, it was felt to amend the Act relating to the University. Consequently the amended Act of Vikram University No.13, 1957 was published in M.P. Gazette dated 16 August 1957. From time to time many changes and amendments were made in the Act. Considerable decrease in the University jurisdiction occurred due to formation of Indore University, Gwalior and Bhopal University during 1964-65 and 1969-70 respectively. On 20 April 1973, the Honourable Governor granted permission to bring about homogeneity in the Organisation and administration of all the Universities of Madhya Pradesh. This permission was first Published in the Madhya Pradesh Gazette (extraordinary) on 23 April 1973. By a notification of the Education Department 940/20/8/71 dated 3 May 1973 the bye-laws of the M.P. Universities Act No. 1 to 19 were brought into effect from 25.9.73,whereas No. 20 to 26 and No.27 to 31 from 1.12.73 and 4.5.74 respectively for all the Universities of M.P. (Including Vikram University).

The M. P. Universities Act was amended and published in M.P. Gazette, on 28 June 1985. As per the above Amendment, University Jurisdiction was redefined and demarcated in accordance with the Revenue districts of Ujjain Division i.e. Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Shajapur and Dewas. Because of the new jurisdiction, the number of affiliated colleges decreased and some new colleges were granted affiliation.

The convocations held by the University in past years were addressed by great luminaries like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Sir C. P. Ramaswami Ayyar, Dr. Kalulal Shrimali, Pt. Dwarkaprasad Mishra, Pt. Kunjilal Dube, Babu Jagjiwanram, Dr. Govind Narayan Singh, Smt. Mahadevi Verma, Smt. Indira Gandhi, Dr. Sarojini Mahishi, Dr. Gopal Swarup Pathak, Prof. Nurul Hasan, Dr. Hargovind Khurana and Dr. Satish Chandra.The University is a member of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU).


University Computer Centers:

The Computer Centre of the University was established from UGC Grants and started functioning from 1/4/1991. Itprovides Data Processing Services to assist almost all administratative sections and teaching departments of the University. Examination Result Processing, Payroll etc. are major work which involve working on huge databases. The Centre works round the clock to meet all the requirements within the time limit. In addition to University?s own information processing, the Centre is open for all Research Scholar to provide miscellaneous IT services which assist in their research works. The Computer Centre is also providing training on ? Computer Awareness? to University employees.

University Science and Instrumentation Centre:

It is a service centre to maintain, repair & develop the instruments of School of Studies and Colleges required for U.G., P.G. and Research Laboratories.

Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Library:

The Vikram University Library was established in 1 March 1957. It was founded by the first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru on 11 November 1959.. The name of the library was renamed as Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Library after it moved into its new premises. The library has acquired 1,60,856 books and 4800 backsets of periodicals since the time of its establishment.The MJR library has a special collection on Kalidas, Tulsi, Gandhi,literature on competitive exams, drawing and paintings and rare books. Library has procured 1645 Ph.D. thesis and 6049 P.G. Dissertations so far. It has published 22 bibliographical and current awareness and service publications. The university library renders services to the entire reading community of the university campus, affiliated colleges and also for society. Library provides other services such as circulation, Inter library loan, reprographic, Current awareness, selective dissemination of information, bibliographical, Micro film reading facilities.

University Press:

The University press was established in 1961 with the help of UGC and the State govt to copwe up with the day today work of University. The present setup is combination of modern(DTP & Offset printing)and old technology (letter press printing). The press has 5 sections viz Printing, Composing, Proof reading, Binding & Office. Besides providing the regular printing material such as Office stationary, examination forms, Account forms and ledgers. The press also brings out research journals in science, social science and mathematics.


Information and Library Network Centre is situated in Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Library. The basic objective of the INFLIBNET centre to provide the information of research journals and books to the students of the university. The centre procurred the required software (SOUL) from Ahmedabad centre and the work in this direction is in progress.

Department of Physical Education and Sports:

The department of physical education and sports was established in the year 1960. it works towards academic training about sports as well as organizes and looks after the activities under the competitive sports. the department has itw own building, gymnasium hall and playgrounds, where sports activities are conducted. under the competitive sports, the department organizes various inter collegiate competitions, and sends the selected teams to participate in inter university competitions i.e. Athletics(men/women), boxing(men), badminton(men/women), basketball(men/women), chess(men/womjen) cross country races(men/women), cricket(men), football(men), gymnastics(men/women), malkhambh (men), handball(men), hockey(men), judo(men/women), kabaddi(men/women), kho-kho(men/women), powerlifting(men/women), weight lifting(men/women), best physique(men), tennis(men), table - tennsi(men/women), softball(men/women), swimming(men/women),volleyball(men), wrestling(men) and yogasana(men/women) inter university level tournaments are organized from time to time, and coaching camps are organized for only the selected teams in various games. our students have achieved state/national awards in various games i.e. Gymnastics, Malkhambh, Judo, Athletics, BAsketball, Table-tennis, Kho-Kho, Wrestling etc. from time to time

University Works Department:

The university has its own works department that looks after the maintenance of building, roads etc. of the university campus. It also helps in planning and new constructions under the five-year plan of University Grants Commission, New delhi


Hostel facility is available - Four Boys? hostels with 348 rooms and one Girls? hostel with 100 rooms on single and sharing basis.There are two other hostel for the Post Metric students of SC/ST in the University Campus under the control of Deptt. Of Tribal Welfare, Govt. of M.P.

Guest House:

University guest house is situated opposite to Vikram Vatika, It provides the accommodations to external examiners and visiting faculty.


The university system for sports nurturing provides blazers and track suits along with suitable sports kit and material to all those who come up and play for the university. the university not only relaxes its rules for admission for deserving sports players, it also awards scholarship to outstanding athletes from different streams of the games.


A primary health centre issituated in the university campus to provide general health facility to the employees and students of vikram university.


The united commercial bank is situated near madhav bhawan and assist the university in all its financial transactions such as deposition of examination fees, admission fees etc.

Postal Services:

The post office is located near School of studies in continuing education and helps in the university postal correspondence.

Satellite campus[edit]

The University Schools and Administrative blocks are connected to the satellite. His Excellency the Chancellor inaugurated the Ernet connectivity network to make the University Global. Over 500 online Research Journals/magazines are now available to academia. MOU's with a large number of inter-national universities have been established since then, to facilitate a global perspective to the academia.

Research and extensions[edit]

The University has undertaken Research Projects & Extension Work incorporating various knowledge streams. The Projects are being funded by UGC, DST, ISRO, AICTE, DRDO, MOEFL etc.

School Of Engineering and Technology[edit]

The university's department of engineering (officially, School of Engineering and Technology, VIKRAM UNIVERSITY),which is an AICTE approved, self-financed government institute operating from swami vivekanand bhavan and Vagdevi (goddess Saraswati) bhavan in university campus.The classrooms are electronically well equipped with appropriate gadgets.The department is highly advanced and promises a bright future.The environment is student friendly.

The university is situated near a railway station about 300 meters from the campus,Vikram Nagar railway station from where main campus is at a walking distance.a newly opened kaushal vikas kendra in the department is training students of different streams in additional technical trades.

The college is currently ranked as the 85 among all engineering colleges including IIT's and NIIT's all over India by the reputed 'times group'.

The university has a zoo in its campus known as "Vikram Vatika". Opting for NCC/NSS is compulsory for the students.Very keen focus is given for character an all round development of the students. SoET manufacture gentlemen students among the technical students of the states and has a reputation to provide moral an education support to its students as a unique place of learning by way of combining and coordinating traditional and contemporary knowledge.

high level studies androm the experts are provided for various subjects.Institute showed remarkable progress in last few years.Being

Institute of Pharmacy[edit]

Institute of Pharmacy being a department of university does not require approval from AICTE to run any course. Pharmacy department of vikram university is started from year 2003 conducting only b.pharma course.admission is only on basis of entrance exam which university has conducted its own for admission in various courses. the Institute got approval from PCI for conduct of b.pharm course for 60 seats.

Faculty : since the institute has only b.pharm course, so as per its requirement the institute has the adequate number of M.Pharma faculties and PhD head. Being a university department it gets highly dedicated and knowledgeable faculty for non pharma subject also which are part of curricula.

Facilities: being a UG course institute it has got all the required instruments, although not in adequate numbers as needed but still better than a lot other institutes.

Institute of Computer Science[edit]

Institute of Computer Science is a part of Vikram university. Institute offers under graduate Bachelor of Computer Application and post graduate courses (M.C.A and M.Sc.)and Research Programme (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) in the field of Computer Science.
The list First batch of M.Phil. Students
Almeena Qureshi,Arpita Bhatnagar,Chanchala Joshi,Dheeraj Sharma,Kamiya Jain,Kapil Tarey,Leena Kumawat,Monica Bhawsar,Neha Nagar,Nidhi Kothari,Payal Jain,Priya Agrawal,Priyanka Gupta,Rajesh Piplode,Rashmi Kanungo,Richa Dave,Ruby Bhatt,Sanjay Bhumarkar,Sapna Patidar,Shalini Tiwari,Shweta Singh,Shikha Shrivastav,Shivlal Mewada and Sumanshu Sharma.

The list of Publications Institute of Computer Sciences
1.Mewada Shivlal, Singh Umesh Kumar & Sharma P.K., A Novel Security Based Model for Wireless Mesh Networks, International Journal of Scientific Research in Network Security & Research, 2013, 1(1), 11-15, ISSN 2321–3256 (Online)
2.Mewada Shivlal, Singh Umesh Kumar & Sharma P.K., Security Enhancement in Cloud Computing, International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, 2013, 1(1), 31-17, ISSN 2320–7639 (Online)
3.Mewada Shivlal, Singh Umesh Kumar & Sharma P.K., Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocolsfor Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET), Int. Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology & Security, 2012,2(4),728-732, ISSN: 2249-9555(Online), 2250-1355(Print)
4.Mewada Shivlal and Singh Umesh Kumar, Performance Analysis of Secure Wireless Mesh Networks, Res. J. Recent Sci, 2012, 1(3), 80-85, ISSN 2277-2502
5.Singh Umesh Kumar, Mewada Shivlal., Laddhani L. & Bunkar K., An Overview and Study of Security issues & Challenges in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, International Journal of Computer Science & Information Security.2011,9(4),106-111, ISSN: 1947-5500
6.Singh Umesh Kumar & Mewada Shivlal., Security Issues & Challenges in Wireless Mesh Networks, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science,2011, 2(5), 301-304, ISSN 0976 – 5697.
7.Singh Umesh Kumar, Mewada Shivlal & Laddhani L, Distributed Architecture for Backbone Area Security of Wireless Mesh Networks, International Journal of Advanced Research in computer Science, 2011,2(3), 191-195, ISSN 0976 – 5697.
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9.Mewada Shivlal & Singh Umesh Kumar, Measurement Based Performance of Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocols in WMN, International Journal of advanced research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2011, 1(1), 1-4, ISSN: 2277 128X

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management[edit]

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management is located in the city of Ujjain and was established in the year 1957. The institute runs under Vikaram University, a well education provider university in India that has more than 89 branches of various streams.


The infrastructure includes features such as e-classes that enable the lecturers to implement knowledge through computerized form, library possessing over 20, 000 volumes of books, well equipped net labs, campus covering a wide area of 2 acres, etc.

Courses Offered:


M.B.A. (Part Time)

Admission Procedure:

The admission procedure is having three parts. Candidates have to fill an application form first for the registration purpose. Next one is, candidates have to appear for a common entrance test taken by the Vikram University and the last one is having a personal interview along with a small group discussion.


All successful candidates after their training periods referred for the placements in various industries of India that are taking candidates in regular basis as per the availability of the seats. They are also having the chances to join the foreign industries for their better career aspects. Industries under this institute are insurance, jute, banking and many more to come.

Faculty and Staff[edit]

Faculty of Arts
  • School of Studies in English
  • School of Studies in Hindi
  • School of Studies in JyotirVigyan
  • School of Studies in Foreign Languages
  • School of Studies in Sanskrit
  • School of Studies in Philosophy
Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • School of Studies in Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry
  • School of Studies in Geology
  • School of Studies in Mathematics
  • School of Studies in Physics
  • School of Studies in Statistics
  • Institute of Pharmacy
  • School of Studies in Earth Science
Faculty of Education
  • School of Studies in Continuing Education
Faculty of Commerce
  • School of Studies in Commerce
Faculty of Information Technology
  • Institute of Computer Science
  • School of Studies in Library & Information Science
Faculty of Management
  • Pt. J.N. Institute of Business Management
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • School of Studies in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
  • School of Studies in Economics
  • School of Studies in Political Science and Public Administration
  • School of Studies in Sociology
  • Ambedkar Peeth
Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Institute of Environment Management & Plant Sciences - Environment
  • School of Studies in Zoology and Biotechnology
  • Institute of Environment Management & Plant Sc.- Microbiology
  • School of Studies in Botany

Faculty of Medicine[edit]

Ruxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

1974-75 was the last session when the university provided a MBBS degree, in 2001 RDGMC came in existence and the university once again got a Medical Faculty.

The Campus hospital is having 570 beds and Affiliated Charitable hospital is having 500 beds capacity.

RDGMC is currently allowed to give Admissions in MBBS for 150 Seats.[1]


Vikram University often found Non responsible in Matters Related to Student's exam and Results. Students of University have to protest for Getting their results.[2] Vikram University almost time criticized over their Non Transparent Evaluation of Answer sheets.[3] Scam in Admissions Also came in light recently.[4] VU officials also criticize for being careless about Student's careers & delaying their results.[5] Surprisingly , Even after so many irregularity practiced by University , Government of Madhyapradesh never take Action Against its Officials. Reason for Not Taking Actions Against is Unknown.


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